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Geek Gratitude 2015


Today, Facebook reminded me that I wrote this blog post for Thanksgiving in 2011. We’ve done a lot of different things and met a lot of people since four years ago even though it feels like all that time just breezed by. Our staff members have changed as well with new people coming in and some moving on to other things. We’ve gone to a lot of events and helped out so many of our peers and supported tons of projects.

As for me, I haven’t changed much… I am still neurotic and running this blog has given me a lot of anxiety and frustration. I still get discouraged and I still want to quit half the time. Again, despite my tendency to run circles into my own awkward insanity, I am going to take a deep breathe and recognize all the things and people that I am truly grateful for.

For those of you within the geek community who continue to be true to yourselves and continue to be kind, I am grateful. To all my friends who continue to work hard for Defective Geeks— Giselle, Valerie, Michelle, Yume and Alex— you ladies are my constant source of happy-nerding and friendship. To all our supporting Lady Geeks— Sabina, Adri, Julia, Stephanie and Christy— thank you for contributing when you can. To our currently quiet co-founder, Nancy, we still love you!

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