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NYPDM: A Web Series With Bite (Pardon the Pun)

At one point during Comic Con I walked by a table that had dozens upon dozens of postcards on it advertising different comics, movies, and TV shows. I glanced over all of them and then came across one that stood out. It said, “N Y P D M. It takes a monster to catch one.”

I was intrigued. I took a postcard and looked up the official website. The more I found out about NYPDM, the more I interested I became. Come on, it’s a crime drama show with supernatural elements. Considering that I’m addicted to Law & Order and Supernatural, a show like this is right up my alley.

From the official Press Release:

“NYPDM is a new web series that revolves around an unusual unit of NYC police detectives who possess a unique connection to a dark underworld where monsters are real. Taking an ‘it takes one to know one’ approach, Lt. Spiller heads a special group of cops who have much in common with the monstrous suspects they pursue with one key difference: they’re the good guys.”

Awesome, right? Something that made me look forward to this show is that based from the trailer, it looks gritty and mysterious. I think something that has been missing lately from the supernatural genre is a gritty crime drama and after watching the first two episodes  I can honestly say that NYPDM fills this gap and made me thankful that I saw their postcard at Comic Con.

Under the cut is the first two episodes. Click to watch!

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