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Ep. 308 Puddin’ Squad


James Emmett, from 451 Media, joins us to discuss the minutiae of what happened with the Suicide Squad movie. Hear us both discuss how some of us loved it and some of us did not really love it. Mostly Giselle and Space Pirate Queen were not mad about Jared Leto’s douche Joker.

San Diego Comic Con 2016: Scenes Around The Con

San Diego Comic Con—aka, Nerd Christmas in the Summer— came and went. I attended for the entire weekend this year and snapped a handful of photos of cosplayers and all the cool things around the convention. There were way more that I missed, of course. The heat was brutal this year and I am too much of a wuss to walk in extreme heat. Fortunately, there were still tons of things to see and do. Check out the photo slideshow below! You can also view the photos on our Facebook page as well.

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Fanart GLEE: Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy


Fanart by puddingdrop @ tumblr


DC Comics’ Twitter account officially confirmed what we knew all along… that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a very special relationship with each other. So in honor of it becoming “official”, I decided to scour the internet (aka, Tumblr again) for some adorable Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy artwork. Adorable also means sexy. I think even Batman would need a moment if he saw these. Check them out!

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Ep. 239 Fangry


Will Harley Quinn’s booty shorts prevail in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie or will Joker’s forehead tattoo triumph?! The Lady Geeks discuss these hard-hitting questions, along with some Age of Ultron spoilers and anger towards the Jem and the Holograms trailer. Fanfic Theatre: Avengers.