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Japan LA’s 8th Year Anniversary

Japan LA 8th Year Anniversary

 Japan LA, a store of all things adorable in Los Angeles, celebrated their 8th year anniversary. It’s been awhile since I’ve attended a Japan LA event, but they always will hold a special place in my kawaii heart. Hello Kitty was in attendance to take photos with guests as well as singer, Traci Hines and all-around-amazing-person, Jenny Rae.

Yes, much shopping was had on my part and customers who spent more than $30+ got a free gift bag as well. I managed to snag a bag of full of Rilakkuma goodies!

Check out more photos below.

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Street Fighter x Sanrio T-Shirts

Hello Kitty as Chun Li? Badtz Maru as Ryu? Somehow, it kind of makes sense.

We Love Fine has a new line of Street Fighter x Sanrio t-shirts available on their website! This is kind of an epic collaboration. Each shirt is adorable for $25 each or you can win one through the current Pinterest contest. You can win FIVE of We Love Fine’s shirts! Contest ends on June 22nd so get on pinning on your boards.

Check out all the other designs below.

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Geek Gift Guide: Mighty Fine Hello Kitty Tees

Most of us here on Defective Geeks come from a Sanrio-loving generation. We wanted to give you a heads up on these cute Hello Kitty t-shirts from We Love Fine!

Hello Kitty as a bandit?

She’s even wearing a striped prison suit outfit! Will cute jail wear be the new trend? We’d also like to point out the new heart on Hello Kitty’s bow. There are plenty of Lady Geeks out there who would appreciate more Hello Kitty t-shirts under their tree during the holidays!

See below for larger images of each shirt.

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Hello Kitty’s Prom Night

You know what you’re doing this coming Saturday night? Yes, it’s true… you’re going to PROM NIGHT! Which is probably not a first for many, and maybe it’s a first for others. Currently, the Small Gift even celebrating Sanrio’s 50th anniversary is open to the public. The festival closes this upcoming weekend, and Bubble Punch is hosting the final theme party. The theme is 80s prom night and attendees are encouraged to dress in 80s inspired attire. Tickets are available HERE, and go to Bubble Punch’s website for more information!

This party guarantees an amazing, colorful and fun night… don’t miss it!

Sanrio, the 50th Anniversary

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary

Fellow Defectivegeekers, Forture Cookie, and I were lucky enough to attend a magical night at the Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary VIP party before the event was opened to the public. All thanks to the invite from the ladies of Bubble Punch! The night started out a little awkward because the parking was confusing, but once I got there, found some friends standing in line, got handed our food and gift bag tickets… we turned into wide-eyed children.

Sanrio's 50th Anniversary

Giant balloons in the air of different Sanrio characters, a Sanrio ferris wheel, Sanrio themed miniature golf… tons of food booths and food trucks! Fortune Cookie and I spent our food ticket on sushi from the Yatta Truck. There were free Pink’s hot dog, Beard’s Papa cream puffs, and Yogurtland– yes, I totally stuffed my face silly with the cream puffs, that’s for sure!

JapanLA’s founder curated yet another successful art show to accompany the festival. Artists such as Tokodoki founder Simone Legno to Audrey Kawasaki contributed to the show and the paintings ranged from adorable to visuals with a little bit more of an edge than Hello Kitty is used to! For example, the Hello Kitty fight club installation created by Peekaboo Monster.

The festival was truly a Sanrio wonderland! For girls who was a fan of these characters growing up, it was a great experience to have them integrated into my more “grown-up” taste. If you are in the Los Angeles area, it is worth checking out if you love all things Hello Kitty, or if you’re a family with children, it is a good place for them to have some fun for a day. Don’t worry, parents, the food stalls, music, and beer will keep you entertained as well. It’s also a good place to take your special someone on a date!

Trust me when I say that when you walk into Barker’s hangar, you will immediately smile.

I wanted to cry when the party night ended and we had to go home. It was truly amazing.

This anniversary event, Small Gift, will be in LA until November 21, 2010. Check out the Sanrio website for a schedule of everything that is happening for the next two weeks. Go to Bubble Punch’s blog for details on the themed parties- the next one will be 80s prom night!

Here is a video I took when Fortune Cookie and I rode the Sanrio ferris wheel.

Check out our slideshow of photos below, or go directly to our flickr gallery!

Kitties and Batties!

THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!

The Hello Kitty celebration ended for me at the Bats & Cats Masquerade, hosted by the super BubblePunch team… but what a EPIC, FABULOUS last party, it was!

I arrived at Royal/T Cafe at around 8pm after work that night and the line was already insanely long!!! Wow!!! An indication of how the cafe would be constantly crowded throughout the night!!! It was a little scary.

Inside, some of us relished the opportunity to move around and talk as the crowd slowly trickled in. I got my drink on before I worked to help moderated the line for the Hello Kitty photo booth. People sure got restless every time Hello Kitty went on a break…

I got the ‘Black Cat’ drink, by the way. It was really yummy.

THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!

After a couple of hours, I was relieved of duty and was allowed to prance around the crowd to take some photos. I ran into so many familiar faces that night! I’m so happy they all made it (and made it in inside, for that matter…). I was on my feet and talking every minute to so many people that my voice was GONE by the end of the night… and for that rest of the weekend. That’s how you party, people. Ha.

Seriously, Michelle and True Mee did an amazing job putting the whole shebang together. I can’t imagine organizing anything to that extent (okay, so I did it ONCE and I learned my lesson, that’s for sure XD)– over 1000 people attended! Big kudos to them and all the people that helped them out.

THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!

Checking on my friends, waiting in line– they were troopers for waiting it out for so long.
THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!

When Missy and Lisa finally made it in, things got a little silly…
THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!
THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!

THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!

THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!
THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!
THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party! THREE APPLES // hello kitty goth party!

Check out the rest of my photos on flickr!

Don’t forget to check out Bubble for official photos and links to blogs and photo galleries!

Got my Gyaru On

THREE APPLES // hello kitty gyaru night
Photo by HI HI CARO!

Went to ZIPPERCUT‘s Japanology Hello Kitty/Gyaru chapter briefly last Wednesday night! Felt a little strange in my attempt to emulate the gyaru style— good enough for the first (last??) attempt, I suppose? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to stay long and take as many photos that night.

The event was already well on its way by the time I got there. The hair stylists and make-up aritsts were busy making girls look pretty. I sat in at the beginning of the gyaru lecture by the guest speaker. I wished my headache/ill feelings didn’t overcome me so I could have sat through the whole slideshow lecture… this is one of those Japanese subcultures that has always interested me, but I’ve never taken the time to delve into its full history. It’s a strange dynamic of Japanese women attempting to take back some ‘power’ in a society where women were expected to be subservient. In a way, they are taking what was expected of them and turning it against the social standards! I’ve always found Japan’s extreme rebellions quite interesting… but somehow, it all goes back to a large, fashion movement.

THREE APPLES // hello kitty gyaru night THREE APPLES // hello kitty gyaru night

Small collection of photos HERE!

Hello Kitty's weight is equal to Three Apples!

I went to the Meet the Artist reception for the Three Apples art exhibit at Royal-T Cafe and it was way cool!

THREE APPLES // meet the artists I decided to get there a little early in the afternoon since events were scheduled throughout the whole day. I wanted to avoid having to line up to get in later that night. Fortunately, one of the artist, Angry Woebot, was already well on his way in his live painting session. I even watched Peekabo Monster put the last touches on his painting. It was amazing to watch Camilla d’Errico start a piece and finish it live. She is so precise with her brush strokes… I was incredibly impressed by her process! She didn’t even make one mistake- and if she did, she hid it really well. I was pretty inspired by the end of the night by all the creativity. Close to the end of the night, they brought out a final canvas where all the artists made a mark. Mostly doodles, but still cool to have a single canvas with so many different artists (such as Gary Basseman!) creating graffiti on it.

The line to the Sanrio store inside the cafe was tremendous. There was also a long line for screen printing your own Hello Kitty shirts with designs from the artists. I didn’t have the patience to get in line for it so I passed up on getting a Lady Gaga Hello Kitty shirt, unfortunately! Ha!

The exhibit was constantly full of people and more streamed in as the night went on. My friends, the girls of Bubble Punch kept me company on and off in between their work duties. They will be hosting the Hello Kitty Goth Party this Friday the 13th! It’s going to be amazing and fun.

The enthusiasm for Hello Kitty has been tremendous.

It’s fun to look at the vintage merchandise on display and hear girls exclaiming: “I used to have that!”

It made me realize how Sanrio really has been a part of people’s childhood then and even now. She is a simple icon that each generation seem to relate to, no matter how much she has aged. Good job, Hello Kitty! Here’s to another 35 years!

THREE APPLES // meet the artists

THREE APPLES // meet the artists THREE APPLES // meet the artists
THREE APPLES // meet the artists THREE APPLES // meet the artists
THREE APPLES // meet the artists THREE APPLES // meet the artists

More photos at my Meet the Artists flickr set!