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INTERVIEW: Brea Grant of Apocalyptic Buddy Film ‘Best Friends Forever’

BFF Poster Many of you may know Brea Grant from her roles in shows such as Heroes, Dexter, and Friday Night Lights. Recently she and fellow female actor Vera Miao collaborated to write a road trip buddy story about two women. Not only is this awesome because we so rarely get to see this genre with female characters, but it also happens to take place at the beginning of the apocalypse. Apparently somebody forgot to tell the two main characters, played by Grant and Miao, that the end is kind of nigh. This story is called Best Friends Forever and is Grant’s debut as a co-writer and director of a film.  

Grant was awesome enough to take the time to answer some burning questions we had about this project. In this interview she talks about what it was like to direct for the first time, what sets Best Friends Forever apart from other apocalyptic stories, what she hopes people will take away from the film, and what superpowers she would choose if she were facing the apocalypse. Check it out, folks!

Not only do you star in this movie, but you also co-wrote it with Vera Miao and directed it. What was it like to be involved not just in front, but behind the camera?

Very different from me. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned about filmmaking. I think as an actor I had this attitude that I knew so much about movie-making and I really didn’t know anything. I have a new respect for the entire process.
And overall, it was really difficult. It was hard to separate out my ego and insecurities as an actor from being a team player and trying to give other people what they needed. It was one of the toughest (probably the toughest) things I’ve done in my whole career but it was also very rewarding. I have this amazing thing that I went and did and not many people can say that.

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sdcc2009 / Heroes Carnival

Guess what kids??




Whew. I almost forgot about it, too; but whilst trying to figure out what the hell to blog about on here, the light bulb turned back on. I actually don’t quite remember how the last season ended– my brain can only hold so much information at a time, forgive me– but I am sure I will remember five minutes into tonight’s episode(s?).

Other fans have forsaken this show, but I still LOVE it! LET’S GO HEROES FANS!

Run Arnie, run!

I watched The Running Man last night. It’s an ’80s Arnold Schwarzenegger film. It was recommended to me by some co-workers who said it was hilarious. While it was funny, I think they were ‘helped’ by some other substances to classify it as hilarious.

It’s your generic post-apocolyptic police state setting. Arnie’s a wronged cop trying to escape ‘the man’ only to get caught up in…a game show. Oh yes, your all-American, let’s kill people for fun, game show.

That’s basically the whole plot right there. It is well worth a watch if your in the mood for a cheesy action film where any dialogue is a one liner and you want to see women in lycra. Barring that, it’s probably best seen as WWF/Mr Universe reunion film, since half the cast seemed to be body builders. You also get to see Jesse Venture walk around dressed as a computer, for about 30 seconds.

It’s mostly worth noting because even though it is at times ridiculous, the plot actually holds together, which is something I didn’t expect.

In other geek news: I watched the first and second episodes of the new season of Heroes. So far, I’m quite pleased. Although, I think Claire is a bit off her rocker. I mean why the toe?? Was that necessary? And that kid outside her window is just down right creepy. I’d probably hit him if we went to high school together.

I also like to pretend Suresh and Matt Parkman are gay lovers raising a child together. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel all fuzzy.


Wizard World Los Angeles, David Mack, James Kyson Lee!

One of my favorite convention is Wizard World Los Angeles, and I’ve had much fantastic memories of the convention from all the years I attended. This year was full of good memories and fun, but I must admit, it wasn’t the best Wizard World I attended. The convention moved from the Long Beach Convention Center to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Although, the L.A. center is a nice one, it’s location in the downtown area is pretty inconvenient and less inaccessible. Plus, $15-30 for parking?… I don’t think so. I took the metro train up, thanks.

I didn’t attend the first day of the convention, but I was told by many that it was pretty much dead. Saturday had a nice turn-out, but it was still missing the energy it had when it was in Long Beach and the first two years that I attended. I can’t attest what WWLA2006 was like because I missed that since I was studying abroad.

Many of the more familiar artists I got used to having in Wizard World were missing, and so were a lot of the more celebrity figures of the geek world (i.e. neither Stan Lee or Kevin Smith showed up this time. Not to say that the convention was lacking in big names! I did get to take my photo with James Kyson Lee who plays Ando in Heroes. Still, the presence of Heroes stars didn’t up the energy of the convention at all. It was extremely mellow and strangely quiet for the most part.

Still, I got to hang out with one of my favorite artist, David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil), and his girlfriend, Mandy Amano (model and actress). They’re always good with putting up with me– since there were less people for me to bother this time, they had to deal with me 90% of the time! I got to meet people like Stuart Sayger (Shiver in the Dark) and other many talented artists. I hope that this year has not turned them off from attending the convention in the future. I definetely plan on attending again, and hope that it improves next time. I do believe they should move it back to Long Beach, though!

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