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Ep. 9 Jeri Hogarth Boss Bitch



Time to talk about season two of “Jessica Jones”! James and Giselle discuss everything from mother/daughter dynamics, Jeri Hogarth, the storytelling, Jeri Hogarth, the cast, to Jeri Hogarth. And oh yeah they maybe talk a little bit about their queen Jeri F*cking Hogarth.


Fanart GLEE: Jessica Jones

1a3e8e2a3bf4bd2b1e96a997bf49b452fanart by rafatoro @ tumblr

Most of you, like me, is in the midst of a Jessica Jones binge watch on Netflix. I personally love this series because it really speaks to me. Sloppy, badass female anti-superhero character for the win! Also, David Tennant as a villain is life. Check out these great fanart I yanked from Tumblr this week… there is a LOT of purple.

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Ep. 271 Mission Manly Manu


It’s late┬ábut the Lady Geeks finally chat about their experience at Comikaze Expo 2015 which includes, Carrie Fisher, glitter, Tommy Wiseau and Manu Bennett (so manly…). We also gifted Fortune Cookie with a brand new Spider News. Fanfic Theater: Indiana Jones x Captain America.