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STAR TREK: Cast Interview and TOS Trivia Fun

It’s a damn good time to be a Trekkie.

After over four years of practically NOTHING (unless you count three frames of footage and a few blurry snapshots of the film set), the past few weeks have seen a sudden flood of shiny new goodies from the next installment of the Star Trek Reboot. Between the official synopsis, the teaser poster, the trailer, the first (spoilery!) movie still, AND the first 9 minutes of the film airing in IMAX 3D screenings of The Hobbit, I barely knew what to do with myself.


To top it all off, interviews with the cast of Star Trek into Darkness have started showing up online. It feels like an old band getting back together and touring after a long hiatus. And it fucking rocks.

Here’s my favorite interview so far, from ET Online. In which the cast and J. J. Abrams undergo a “warp speed” trivia round.

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‘A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas in 3D’ Trailer is Here!

In the age of incessant sequels, prequels, and reboots, there is one sequel that I am very much looking forward to.

That, my friends, is A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas in 3D.

Yes. Kumar and Roldy are back, and this time they’re in a real pickle. Harold accidentally shoots Santa in the face, they accidentally burn down Harold’s father-in-law’s prized Christmas tree, and Neil Patrick Harris is causing shenanigans in Heaven. Yes, the return of NPH!


Fans Do Not Accept Permanent Blackout

I love the Flashforward television series and I was disappointed when it got canned. The “series finale” episode was a terrible cliffhanger to top it all of! Despite all that, I thought, “well, a lot of good shoes get cancelled these days, what can I do about it?”

Turned out, not all of the fans are as much of a passive viewer as I am. Yesterday, Flashfoward star, John Cho’s twitter lead me to this link to a Variety article… which lead me to this website.

Fans at different cities are actively finding creative ways to save the show… this is not a simple online petition, you guys! They don’t just encourage you to send a letter to ABC, but you can participate in a “global” blackout with other people. On June 10th, fans are going to gather infront of a ABC network building and “blackout” for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, replicating the television series. It is a flash mob at its finest, if you ask me.

This idea got me so incredibly excited. It is so simple and brilliant!

For those who do not have a blackout event at their cities, they are encouraged to film their own flashforward that will be gathered in a website mosaic, very much like what the characters created in the tv show.

I am always so amazed by passionate fans– and lets face it, only the geeks will go this far in protesting a cancellation of a beloved show. I am hoping the movement will be heard and that the network will reconsider. It would be nice to get past that crazy cliffhanger and find out what happens!

Save Flashforward Website

Save Flashforward Facebook Page

San Diego Comic Com 2009 – Report Part 2

Fortunately for me, two panels I wanted to see were consecutive in the same room. My friend, Giselle, and I enjoyed the Coraline panel with Neil Gaiman, who I was delighted to see in person. The FlashForward panel was right after, which we wanted to stick around for just to see John Cho in person.

sdcc 2009 / flash forward panel

What can I say? I love, love, LOVE the Harold and Kumar flicks, and not to mention he was pretty awesome as Young Sulu.

Giselle and I also ended up channeling our own inner Twitardness that weekend and flipped our shit when they bought Dominic Monaghan out as a special, surprise guest on the panel! Since the Lord of the Rings trilogy came out, the hobbit actors has been kind of our Beatles for awhile… specifically Mr. Monaghan, who made us swoon in all sorts of horrible, fangirl ways (ew, girls swooning!).

They also screened about half of the pilot for the audience and admittedly, I am already hooked! The plot has an apocalyptic sort of theme, which I am a sucker for. I recommend it for anyone looking for a good, sci-fi series to follow on a network channel. It’ll premiere on ABC in the fall season!

sdcc 2009 / flash forward panel sdcc2009 / giselle with a john cho kisses
The boys throwing Hershey Kisses to the crowd and Giselle enjoying her John-Cho-Kiss after the panel!

sdcc2009 / me with adam baldwin After dawdling a bit and running into Gene Simmons outside the panel rooms, we headed down to the Exhibit Hall to look for the FlashForward signing (in hopes that Dominic will be there, too…). I spotted Adam Baldwin on the floor, charging people for autographs and photos– and I gladly paid the $10 to take a picture with him! The X-Files and Firefly geek in me couldn’t pass up the chance!

To our surprise, the line for FlashFoward wasn’t filled up already by the time we got there. It was even one of the more faster lines I stood in during the convention! I wished I had said something more than “Can I take a photo with you guys?”; but things move quickly in these lines and I was busy trying to get Giselle’s photos with her screenwriter hero, David S. Goyer. Such is a con-life, I suppose.

sdcc2009 sdcc2009
sdcc 2009 / flash forward signing sdcc 2009 / flash forward signing

sdcc 2009 / flash forward signing
Obviously, Dom did not show up for the signing… :( But I lived. Don’t worry.

sdcc 2009 / flash forward signing

sdcc2009 sdcc2009
One of the better Joker cosplayer that weekend; and who spells “Lucy” that way??

San Diego Celebrity-Con— I mean, Comic Con!

I present to everyone a rant about SDCC before I start posting my happy report and photos…

San Diego Comic Con has turned into a marathon of how many celebrities can be spotted– kind of sad. Especially when you see the separation in the Exhibit Hall; the “movie side” is always hella crowded and the “comic book” side is never as crowded. But the convention has gotten stupider like that each year, so I didn’t expect any less from its star-struck attendees. Besides, I’m guilty of getting excited over John Cho and Dominic Monaghan myself…

… Though less appreciative of Robert Downey Jr’s Elite bodyguards shoving me out of the way. What a bunch of dicks. This always seems to happen to me at this con. I am unsuspectingly in the way of some A-list celeb I could give a shit about harassing in person, so I get manhandled. One of these days, I’m going to kick someone in the nuts for it.

And then don’t get me started on the ridiculous lines for the panels. It’s getting really stupid, guys, and someone needs to start using their noggin’ to find a solution for it. Trust me, it’s not that hard to solve the problem. People should not be standing in line for 2-3 hours and then only to not be guaranteed a seat to a panel they want to see. We aren’t paying for these badges, taking time off from work, and spending hundreds on hotel/food/etc. to waste away in the sun while standing in line.

To think… they plan to raise the badge prices next year too. Thank goodness I get in as a pro!