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Josh Duhamel x Tokidoki Relief Run 3-27-11

The worst disasters can also bring out the best in people.  In the days and weeks following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, all walks of life converged into one. All  identity labels disappeared save for one: Japanese.  Unrest was unheard of as the strong nation started to gather up the pieces and to rebuild together.

But this unity was not an isolated case. The whole world came together to Japan’s aid in many forms.  For many – especially Californians -  Japan is more than just where sushi comes from and what they’ve read in their text books. It is a strong source of cultural influence and a home to family and friends. Art would not be the same and neither would Hollywood.

Thus, Transformers actor Josh Duhamel teamed up with Tokidoki to put together a relief run in Santa Monica on March 27th, 2011.  Both parties spread the word through social media and television spots and  over four thousand people showed up despite the rainy start to the day. To top it off, it stopped raining about half an hour before the run. Success!

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