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ART: Day from Marie Lu’s LEGEND + Book Review & Interviews

Marie Lu and I made a deal awhile ago. Well… after I threatened that I would break into her apartment with a hanger and steal one of her books if she didn’t give me one freely. Therefore, she was forced to give me an ARC (advanced reading copy) of her book, LEGEND. In exchanged, she requested a watercolor painting and I happily obliged!

Click for a bigger view.

On a slight more serious note, when I found out that Marie was a secret, ninja writer and her book is going to be released in November– my mind was pretty much blown. It’s kind of awesome to know someone personally who is a YA author and who is getting published through Penguin Group. Not only that but a movie deal on top of it. Whaaaaaat! Too awesome! Why do I know such amazing people?

The above painting is of Day, the main male protagonist in LEGEND. He also stars in one of her unpublished, past novel (which I also forced her to hand over to me– I’m pretty persuasive, what can I say? ;]) and I found it kind of neat that she brought him back to a new story. In my younger years, I’ve also done a lot of original character recycling in comics, stories and role playing. I can sympathize with a creator’s attachment to their characters.

But back to LEGEND. Read more for an exclusive interview with both Day and the author.

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