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Ep. 54 Force Pushin’

The Lady Geeks are in wonder over the the ‘Star Wars’ game for Kinect and Darth Vader dancing. We also wonder over the fate of Storm Troopers and if they have feelings, hobbies and dreams. Other topics include ‘The Legend of Korra’, Team Peeniss and a new boy that the Space Pirate Queen will now stalk and marry one day. Fanfic Theater: The Hunger Games.


Ep. 21 Transformers Go BOOM!

Fortune Cookie keeps the Space Pirate Queen company while Gizzy is away and so the ladies discuss the third installment of the Transformer movies and how Victoria Secret models can act better than Megan Fox. We enjoy explosions and giant robots. They get a little bit nostalgic for their childhood cartoons and think a lot of kids these days are wieners.

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