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SUPER*MARKET: Shopping and Podcasting

SUPER*MARKET at Meltdown Comics
When Bubble Punch invited us to do a live show at Meltdown Comics in the Nerdist Theater for SUPER*MARKET, I wasn’t going to say no!

What is SUPER*MARKET, you ask? This is the first SUPER*MARKET I’ve ever attended and I loved it. Bubble Punch invited local artists and designers to sell their original merchandise. Others were selling their own over flow of awesome stuff, like clothing and shoes. It was definitely more aimed at the ladies and our need to buy everything that is cute but hopefully, as the show gets bigger, we’ll have more things that dudes can enjoy too. Though I see no reason why a dude can’t rock a cupcake necklace if they wanted to, but that’s just me.

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Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland

Have you ever wondered when your prince will come?

You ponder each new romance, guy after guy, only to find one or two qualities that make you happy. Has Disney been telling you that a “knight in shining armor” will appear to replace that beastly boyfriend and then make everything in life okay? In her new play, “Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland”, writer/director Erika Jenko explores these ideologies that culminate with the realization of love eternal existing in life all around and in all forms.

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Upcoming Event! Lil Rae Cake Balls, 1st Year Anniversary

This Saturday, I will be at the Lil Rae Cakes’ 1st Year Anniversary celebration at Sweet Harts (Melissa Joan Harts’ bakery in Sherman Oaks, California). These cake balls are extremely delicious, you guys, and totally worth coming out for. Plus, you also get Onchmovement, Locketship and I Am Chubby Bunny selling cute items from their fashion and accessory lines. I will be stopping by to take photos and partaking in some cake balls.

WHEN: Saturday, May 28, 2011 7PM-10PM WHERE: Sweet Harts, 13704 Ventury Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA

Hope to see you all there!