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A Dolly Good Time!

The Dolly House Runway Show invited us to attend their show last weekend at UCI! It was their first fashion show and everyone was super excited and gathered to support their favorite designers and to share their love for Lolita fashion.

Lolita fashion culture is a very fanciful one filled with a rainbow of color and soft and cute accessories. It has has floated across the world and has given many young women a very cute and creative way to express themselves beyond the norm. Even if I am not a part of the culture, I can certainly appreciate the time and effort it takes to be a lolita.

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AM2 2011, Scenes Around the Convention

AM2 may have been  a small convention but there were still a lot of things going on and I had to divide my attention and capture the best of the convention. Check out the best of my photos at AM2 Con LA Weekly Slideshow! 

Here are some of my other favorite photos from the convention.

AM2 Convention 2011

AM2 Convention 2011

She saw my NANA/Blackstones necklace and then showed me her lotus tattoo! Hers is so fucking cool. I wished I was brave enough to get one too!

AM2 Convention 2011

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Anime Los Angeles Day Three

Day three starts out ~*romantically*~ (NO NOT REALLY.)

Poor Vince didn’t get too much sleep the night before because he was a gentleman and slept on the floor so all of us girls have beds. Unfortunately, it was REALLY cold since we have a balcony and the draft is horrible. He also woke up with Kelly’s feet dangling in his face. Poor guy.

We both woke up about the same time at a very early hour so we decided to go jogging. He’s been on this regimen for over a year so running is cakewalk for him. For me it’s more like trying to keep going with lava injected into my veins.

But he was nice and slowed down for me when I would stop every minute or so. And then tell me to keep going. ‘3’

We got back but everyone was still sleeping so I took the opportunity to shower and then start changing. It was going to be a grueling last day. Why?
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