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Long Beach Horror & Comic-Con 2013

Long Beach Comic Con 2013

Long Beach Horror & Comic-Con held its annual two-day convention on Nov. 23 and the 24th. Just like last year, popular replica cars from different franchises like Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are lined up at the entrance of the convention. I especially dig the TMNT cosplayers posing in front of the Turtle van. LBCC is a small and quiet local convention and this year, the most notable change is the huge artist alley right in the middle of the convention. I spent most of my time wandering the exhibit hall and snapping photos of cosplayers. Check out my photos below!

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My Fandom and Long Beach Collide by Stephanie Pacheco

It’s no secret I’m addicted, possibly in love, with watching TV shows on my fancy DVR at home in between procrastinating on my wedding planning. More recently I’ve become infatuated with spotting places filmed in my current home town of Long Beach, CA on Showtime’s Dexter and HBO’s True Blood.  I grew up in Los Angeles and watched film crews invade my old neighborhood from time to time, and I revel in it every single time! I use to work in Downtown Los Angeles during college and I would sneak out of the office to watch film crews and their trailers take over the vacant business district on the weekends, and try to spot a celebrity in between takes. This is why it’s so thrilling to recognize all those places I walk or drive by daily in a city I consider my second home, Long Beach. I annoy my fiancé and roommate all the time with my pointy finger wagging at the television saying where the scene was filmed in Los Angeles or Long Beach at least once a week.

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Yaoi-Con, A Quickie Impression

Yaoi-Con 2012

This was my first year attending Yaoi-Con.

The convention has been around for many years but it was usually held at San Francisco, California. This year, it moved to Long Beach, California and Fortune Cookie and I decided to check it out. I’m going to try and give the convention a fair assessment, as this was my first year in attendance and I will try not to be a jaded, bitter cookie about it.

First of all, if you don’t know what yaoi means, head on over to the Wikipedia page. If you don’t feel like reading the Wikipedia page, yaoi is boys loving each other manga and anime. Warning, there is a NSFW photo below the cut!

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Long Beach Comic Con 2011, a Quick Report

I literally had a quick whirl at Long Beach Comic Con this year. On Saturday night, I dropped by to hang out with the Guild of Extras. I unfortunately missed out on all The Guild events all day but I at least got to say hi and meet some people, plus I got to catch up with my friend, Nicole Eng. Here’s a great group shot taken with all of us plus Amy Okuda (Tinkerbella) and Robin Thorsen (Clara).

Photo courtesy of Christopher Wright.

On Sunday, I stopped by for a couple of hours in the morning and hit the exhibition hall to say hello to everyone I could possibly know! Chatted a bit with Team Unicorn, Steve Niles, Nathaniel Osollo, Evan Spears, Rebecca and James Hicks (Little Vampires). I love that I can say hello to awesome people at a local convention. Long Beach Comic Con is a bit quieter this year but even though I was only there for a couple of hours, I did pay for a weekend badge. I’m all about supporting local comic book cons. It’s a little tough to get the whole team together during a Halloween weekend but hopefully next year, we will do a better coverage.

Again, I recommend this convention for anyone looking for a convention where they can enjoy the company of fellow comic nerds in a very relaxed environment.

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Long Beach Comic Expo 2011: Recap

Long Beach Comic Expo came and went this past Saturday, a small convention dedicated to comic-lovin’ put together by the Long Beach Comic Con crew. Again, I am happy to have these conventions so close to where I live (I don’t have any stalkers out there, do I?)! My friend/co-worker, Liz Ohanesian, was covering the con for the hand that feeds us, LA Weekly, and I agreed to accompany her with my camera.

For me, the day started out extra early. I had bought a badge to be an extra for The Guild, season 5 since they were filming at the convention. All of us extras had to be there by 7:30am. Brutal. I was also on set the Thursday before the convention. It was a 8am to 8pm work day and I felt it. Shooting movies, films and webseries shows truly is a labor of love for these guys and I can not imagine doing it on a regular basis. I found newfound respect for the people of movie land.

Still, the experience to be an extra for my favorite web series was truly a dream come true! I’ve had fantasies about this, people! My mad love-girl-crush on Felicia Day is no secret! I can’t talk much about the details and what I witnessed but it’s all going to be coming out this summer time. That’s not too far away so hold on– I will probably make another blog post once the episode is out. Then I will reveal and tell all. I have to say that I did meet some awesome people on set, so shout out to all my fellow Guildie-extras!

Around noon time, I discarded my Hollywood dress and Liz and I met up and hit the convention floor. I love smaller conventions. I have been going to bigger conventions for many years and those experiences have prepared me for all-day-shenanigans… I often forget that this is not the case with small conventions.

In about two hours, Liz and I have walked in circles around the exhibit hall about 25 times and already met and talked to a bunch of creators. Liz’s articles are online:

Comic Book Series 140 Crowdsources Twitter, While Chafed Imagines Internet as Human

Long Beach Comic Expo: Five Things We Love About Small Conventions

It was real treat to meet Steve Niles (author of 30 Days of Night) in person. In my ‘woke-up-too-early-today’ daze, I completely walked by his booth and missed him. Luckily, he recognized me from my twitter account and flagged me down. I was fangirl-strucked for a couple of minutes (this only happens in front of comic book creators and the Supernatural cast members… go figure) but quickly snapped out of my zombie state. We chatted with him for awhile and received copies of his newest project. Super cool and nice guy and I highly recommend tracking him down on the convention floor.

As Liz mentions in ‘Five Things We Love About Small Conventions’ – Long Beach Comic Expo was not only fun for comic book lovers, but a great way to meet some of the best artists, writers, etc. in the industry. Although the exhibit hall was somewhat crowded since it was a small one, it was completely possible to talk to the people at their booths and get to know these talents.

I can’t say enough good things about LBCC and everyone involved in the organization. Keep it up and I will be there every year!

Check out my LA Weekly Slideshow from the convention!

Long Beach Comic-Con!

Next month, I will be attending the first ever Long Beach Comic Con! I’m so excited to have this local convention already jammed pack with awesome guests. Stan Lee will even be doing an inaugural ceremony and opening the convention with a ribbon cutting. Hopefully Stan’s blessings will be enough to keep this convention around and growing, yeah?

The usual suspects will be in attendance, including Seth Green, Lou Ferrigno, and… Jeremy London?

The convention will also be sporting big comic book names (the important part!) such as Jim Lee! Plus, top companies such as Top Cow will be in the exhibit hall. It’s not San Diego Comic Con (yet???), but I would love to be in a smaller comic convention after the madness that is SDCC! I was deprived of Wizard World this past year, after all…!

A Pirate Festival is for me!

pirate fest 2009

Gizzy and I went to the annual festival held at Long Beach, California for the first time this year! The festival was a small event, but everything I basically expected– the same crowd who attends the Renaissance Faire dressed as pirates, booths after booths of useless pirate merch, and in general, just kitschy, nerdy fun.

pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009

While we were there, the better entertainment was a band on stage. The band was pirate themed, of course, providing the audience with some fun, pirate rock music. Gizzy definitely appreciated the physiques of the members; and their music wasn’t bad at all! Although, I didn’t care enough to actually try and remember the band’s name… Oops. Either way, I totally appreciated their tribute to They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard— who knew I’d hear this song performed live? Ha!

pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009

We also tried the food there and was greatly disappointed at the meal we ended up purchasing. There was a booth serving all kinds of birds– chicken, quail, turkey… the quail wasn’t bad, though it was pretty dry. The chicken leg we had was definitely dry without much taste. The sides of spanish-artichoke dip and rice were pretty bland as well. I wished I had tried the crepe booth instead! The festival’s website promised BBQ type food, but there was none. We did try the funnel cake and that wasn’t half-bad, though how can you really go wrong with fried desserts?

The food choices were definitely disappointing overall, which puts a damper on any event for me!

pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009

We were there for a couple of hours and on the way out, we stopped by the campsite for the Port Royal Privateers. These pirates were more hardcore, setting up an overnight camp on the beach and creating their own pirate-y characters. I thought they were really cool and we considered joining this camp party one day. It’ll be fun to be overnight pirates at least once!

To wrap this event report up, let’s not forget… the obligatory photo with Jack Sparrow (there were at least five of them at the festival that day).

pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009
pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009
pirate fest 2009pirate fest 2009

For more photos, visit my flickr set!!!