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Ep. 281 Post-Apocalyptic White People


The Lady Geeks are delighted that Mad Max: Fury Road was bestowed many awards by the Academy this year but it doesn’t excuse the show from… many things. Listen in for amazing Spider News tears from Fortune Cookie. Fanfic Theatre: Rugrats.


Fanart GLEE: Mad Max, Fury Road


fanart by stefhanalvarado @ tumblr

After Mad Max: Fury Road’s opening weekend, it was very clear that this movie was going to give birth to a very specific fandom online. Tumblr did not disappoint me at all on my fan art search during this week’s installment of Fanart GLEE! You can learn about a movie’s fanbase through its fanart and tonight I discovered that Doof Warrior is quite popular, almost as popular as Nux. Why am I not surprised, as a fangirl, that Nux is extremely popular for being kind of really adorable? Enjoy the artwork below!

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Ep. 244 Fake Geek Pretty Boy


We take it upon ourselves to womansplain to all the fake geek pretty boys out there what a comic book is. You know who you are! Fortune Cookie teaches a new fandom word of the day while the Hulk SMASHES…. our ovaries in this episode’s Ovaries Explosion Award.

Ep. 243 Perfection Furiousa


Many segments make a return this week, including Spider News (eight-legged hugs and kisses!), Weird Crush and the Ovaries Explosion Awards which were awarded to the Canadian Ryans. This episode is also dedicated to the Imperator Furiousa who we hope will rule us all during the apocalypse.