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Ep. 236 Wasted with Steve Kasan


Zombies… and getting inebriated? You know you can count Defective Geeks in, which is why star and producer, Steve Kasan, joins the podcast to talk about WASTED and the CineCoup challenge. There is also plenty of geek-nerd talk to be had. Listen and don’t forget to vote for them.

Ep. 134 Bat-Keanu and Bat-Cards


SailorMizz answers another question from a listener and gives advice on what to give your lady geek for her birthday. Then the Lady Geeks discuss the choice of Ben Affleck for Batman (Batfleck?) and why Keanu Reeves is possibly the greatest human being of all time. Yes, even more so than the Batman himself.

New Crush: Faora of ‘Man of Steel’

Like many my friends and I flocked to the theater to see Man of Steel. We had a fun time waiting in line together, just listen to the podcast we recorded whilst doing so, and discussing the things we were looking forward to and expecting. To make a long story short, I really enjoyed it. Personally I liked its “realistic” take on the Superman mythos, but can understand why some Superman fans aren’t quite taken with it. I’ve had excellent discussions with people on the matter, but more than anything there is one specific point I would like to focus on. That point is that I now have a major girl crush on Faora.

Faora Hottypants

I must confess I am a sucker for villains and especially when those villains are women. It all started when I watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarves when I was a little girl. I fell in love with the Evil Queen. She was beautiful, powerful, and had cunning. Ever since then I have had a penchant for women who embody these qualities. Faora is no exception.

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Ep. 124 Taken Trilogy

In this week’s episode, the Lady Geeks discuss all the fine films that are on the works in Hollywood currently — including Independence Day 2, Taken 3 and the third Riddick movie. Gizzy B is once again way too excited to be talking about Jeff Goldblum. Listen to SailorMizz answer another burning question and give advice to a listener.

Ep. 123 Man of Steel Midnight Show

The Space Pirate Queen, Gizzy B and ScarlettBurn plus friends line up for the midnight show for Man of Steel. Listen to the Lady Geeks get a little silly while (once again) they line up for many hours to watch a movie. They discuss their expectations with this new Supes while truly creeping on other people in line.

Ep. 112 Movie Autotune-ing

The Lady Geeks record their last normal podcast for awhile before the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B jets off to Europe. We talk about vampires watching YouTube, flying on airplanes and how Nolan will not be making our JGL-Batman dreams come true in the upcoming Justice League movie. SPQ attempted to hold back on ranting against Man of Steel but failed miserably. Fanfic Theater: James Bond.

ERMAHGERD: New ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Star Trek’ Posters

It’s a good time to be a geek. ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ has just been released onto DVD, ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ comes out next week, and (wait for it… wait for it…) there are finally posters for ‘Man of Steel‘ and ‘Star Trek Into The Darkness‘!

Lo and behold, my friends:

What do y’all think? Both posters tease the plots of each film and raise so many questions. Why is Superman in handcuffs? Is that the Federation that has been damaged? Ah, the possibilities!

Now pardon me while I cry tears of joy over my ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ dvd. Gizzy B OUT.