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TV: ‘Killer Instinct’ a True Crime Series

CLOO premieres its first original true crime television series, Killer Instinct. Mark Safarik, famous for his expertise on crime behavior and have worked at the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit for many years, is the host of the show. I watched the first episode ‘A Killer Among Us’ which will air this Saturday, September 17 at 9/8c. Safarik takes us step by step on how he tracked down the serial killer, Robert Yates. From the start, the show is compelling with quick cuts to real photos of crime scenes and the bodies of the victims– cropped in a way that was suggestive and disturbing even though they do not show the entire body.

Admittedly, I was immediately unsettled at the reality aspect of this show. I’ve had a fascination with serial killers and used to spend a portion of my downtime reading about them. It’s like my fascination for zombies– I just want to read and watch about what I feared the most. Serial killers are downright scary because in most cases they are just “normal” looking individuals who lived in proper neighborhoods and led proper lives. For example, Yates had a cookie-cutter family of his own. It always seemed to be the person everyone trusted in the community and least suspected. It is frightening that evil can camouflage themselves so easily.

(Plus, Dexter is one of my favorite television series too!)

Killer Instcint and its host, Safarik takes reality crime shows to a new level. Warning, the description below gets a little graphic.

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