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INTERVIEW: Katherine Barrell Talks Wynonna Earp and #WayHaught

Katherine Barrell stars in SyFy’s Wynonna Earp and plays fan favorite, the sexy and confident, Officer Nicole Haught. She is also set to play a neurotic mom on a comedy series, Workin’ Moms. Read our interview with the vivacious Katherine about her work and what kind of supernatural creature she would choose for a pet…

Tell us about Wynonna Earp and Officer Nicole Haught. What is your favorite part about your character?

Office Haught is a confident, smart determined cop who lives in the town of Purgatory. She is a newcomer to the town and quickly falls for local sweetheart, Waverly Earp, who also has a pretty complicated family – essentially Waverly is a demon hunter, which probably makes Nicole fall harder!

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Perfectasy: Cowboys and Rainbows

Thursday, August 18, 2011– Onch Movement had its second Perfectasy party at Royal-T Cafe: Cowboys and Rainbows. Yes, there were cowboys and there were rainbows to behold. The night was full of fashionable people as Petro Zilla rolled in her with her unique clothing line. I’m digging the whole prairie/cowboy style. Definitely a high-fashion night  but the atmosphere was still full of cowboy swagger.

OnchMovement, Cowboys & Rainbows

No unicorns were spotted this time around, but tall models and gorgeous models walked around as a living rainbow. Seriously, they were super tall! I almost wanted to believe they were wearing stilts to walk around in. Nope. Just super long legs. The cowboys were hot as all cowboys should be and the mermaid came back, riding a wheel barrow. I spent some time chatting with some cute girls because I am pimp like that. Ha! Just kidding but I did get to know my fellow “Secret Filipina” and rising star, Chrissa Villanueva and owner/creator of Happy Hoodie Friends, Kayla Tange. Super Comic Girl, Nicole Sixx was also in attendance. Check these ladies out and give them some love and support for their work.

I also munched on some “fancy” ding-dongs. Check out the photos.

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