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Spider-Gwen, Spider-Gwen, Fashionable Neighborhood Spider-Gwen!

Spider-Gwen fans, your prayers have been answered!

WeLoveFine debuts today with their new line of Spider-Gwen inspired apparel, ranging from hoodies, tanks, and leggings! Hallelujah, lady nerds!

For those not in the know, Spider-Gwen is one of the most innovative characters to come out of the Spider-Verse arc, coming from an alternate reality where Gwen Stacy is the one who gets bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Jason Latour & Robbi Rodriguez created her iconic costume, which is just one of the many reasons fans have fallen in love with Spider-Gwen.


I (ChubbyBunny Michelle!) was so pleased to be able to be one of the Spider-Gwens for this shoot, and had a blast jumping all over town to create that web slinger feel for the pics!

So hold on to your spider-pants, ladies, here comes some fashion suitable for any aspiring superhero!


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The Geekie Awards 2014 aka Dinos and Pizzas and Friendship.

Holy cow. The Geekie Awards were pretty dang fun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now in their second year, The Geekie Awards, or “The Geekies” as most people call it, is a celebration of independent nerd-dom, with categories such as “Geek of the Year”, “Best Cosplay,” and “Best Comics & Graphic Novel.” Hosted at the beautiful Avalon theater space, this event was classy, nerdy, and full of weird little surprises. (And yes, that is an Iron Throne made out of Gibson guitars up top.)

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“Gotham Bunnies” Cosplay Brings Arkham Villains to Life

Who doesn’t love a little Gotham villainy in their day? YumeNinja and Chubby Bunny (newest faces at Defective Geeks!) are a part of this awesomely evil round up of Batman’s foes in this Playboy Bunny-themed cosplay photoshoot! The same team that was behind the  Sailor Moon Biker Gang Cosplay has brought together yet another all-star group of cosplayers for Gotham Bunnies, inspired by the art of Milkydayy (Oskar Vega) and photographed again by Greg DeStefano.



More pics and credits below!

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Sweet Streets LA 2011: Chubby Bunny x SPANK! Fashion Collaboration

Sweet Streets LA is one of my favorite annual art show – it’s always fun and always colorful. As usual, Hi Hi Caro and Bubble Punch put the entire event together and this year it was held in downtown Culver City at the WWA Gallery. This gallery proved too small for the event and there was a long line of attendees that waited to get in throughout the night. People stayed even when it rained!

Michelle Nguyen of Chubby Bunny and Tavuchi from SPANK! also debuted their fashion collaboration with a fashion show and a pop up store that sold all sorts of super-cute accessories and clothing. SPANK! is a popular clothing line in Harajuku, Japan which embraces the ‘kawaii’ nature of Harajuku fashion.

The fashion show was a lot of fun with upbeat music and energetic models wearing Chubby Bunny and SPANK! accessories and clothing. I ended up buying two new bows to add to my “Chubby Bunny Collection.” You can buy these items from Chubby Bunny at her website!

This year, Sailor Mizz attended the event with me and we captured the event on video, including all of the fashion how! Hope you enjoy what I put together below.

Lots of photos below!

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ART: I Dream of Bunnie

This Saturday, May 7, 2011, will be the opening night for Bunnies & Bows, an event curated by Michelle Nguyen AKA I Am Chubby Bunny.

Here is my final piece that will be going up at Japan LA for the art show. I worked with watercolor, ink pen, and washi paper from Hiromi Paper Inc. The title of the piece is I Dream of Bunnie – yes, it’s very much a play-on with I Dream of Jeannie (a television show from the 60s that used to play on the Nickelodeon channel back in the 90s, for all you youngsters out there!). I did several sketches before deciding on this image. At first, I was going the more cartoon illustration style but the image wasn’t as fluid as I would have liked. I eventually decided I was over-thinking my concept and started sketching again while I was relaxing on a Friday night (aka, I was watching Supernatural). When I finished the sketch of this girl, looking like she’s in a deep trance or she’s sleeping, with a hint of a smile on her face – I knew it was the one I wanted to take to the final steps.

I think I tried to represent the sort of peaceful happiness you feel when you’ve worked long and hard to achieve a lifelong goal or a dream. I’ve watched Michelle’s progress as an artist/fashionista to a budding independent businesswoman. For me, despite the long and stressful hours she puts in to get work done on a daily basis, I know she has found what is going to make her happy for the rest of her career. I am hoping my illustration will remind her of her happy-bunny-life as a result of following her dreams.

Michelle is one of those special people who showed the world that all it takes is dedication and a lot of hard work to make your own dreams come true! That’s pretty much my inspiration for this :)

Progress shots:

Michelle wrote this very, very sweet Meet-the-Artist blog about me: A Nerd By Any Other Name

Admittedly, it made me tear up when I read the blog. I am always grateful when people say kind things about me and I don’t take it for granted that I know unique and talented people like Michelle in my life. As I’ve mentioned before, I am incredibly excited to be a part of this show and you should take the time to check out all the other participating artists on Michelle’s blog.

The opening night will be loads of fun with fashion, contests and food.


Chubby Bunny Presents Bunnies & Bows Art Exhibition and Fashion Event!

Bunnies & Bows Press Release

I hope to see you all on May 7th!

Save the Date! Bunnies & Bows

On May 7th, 2011, Michelle aka iamchubbybunny will be celebrating both her graduation and birthday with a big event and art show. I was honored enough to be one of the participating artists for the show. To be honest, I was somewhat reluctant since I was gone for two weeks at the beginning of April for my trip… and now I will only have less than 2 weeks to finish my piece for the show.


But! Michelle is so lively, creative and colorful as a person that I realized I will not have any problems drawing inspiration from her. I already have several ideas on what to draw and my only trouble now is having to narrow it down…!

Needless to say, I am quite excited to be a part of this event and will be working hard to create some thing that will be worthy of Michelle’s style. A lot of other great artists (all of them I admire) are also contributing and I feel so humbled with the opportunity to be a part of this talented group. Honestly, I’m going to feel like such a n00b in comparison! Nevertheless, I know that since the Bubble Punch team is going to be running the show, it will be fun!

I hope many of you will be able to come by and party with us.

For further information, please visit Michelle’s iamchubbybunny blog!

You can also RSVP through the Bunnies and Bows facebook invite page.