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Supernatural at the Paley Festival 2011

Supernatural @ Paley Fest 2011

This was our first time at the Paley Festival, although I’ve always wanted to attend one of their panels in the past. When I found out that Supernatural was coming back to the festival (and on a weekend!), I rounded up fellow Supernatural fan (and Defective Geeker), Gizzy– no way, we were going to miss out on this one. Erik Kripke, Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver and Misha Collins were all in attendance.

Supernatural @ Paley Fest 2011

We arrived at the theater a little before 2pm and the line already wrapped around the block. I felt pretty bad for the neighborhood who had to deal with the fangirl horde, littered infront of their lawn.

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Supernatural in LA, Day 1 (part 2)

SPN, LA Con 2011
Richard Speight Jr, Misha Collins, Traci Dinwiddie, Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard...and us!

I decided to start this post with the magical photo-op we did at the end of Saturday. Instead of paying for individual photos with the Saturday guests, we decided to pool our money into the group photo instead. I forced/bullied/peer pressured Giselle into the hamster kigurumi. Mark Sheppard was most excited and his eyes lit up when he saw me. He said: “Pikachu!!!” I’m guessing his children enjoys the Pokemon. Jim seemed bewildered and Traci was giggling. Misha had already seen kigus in the past, and I am sure Richard has seen weirder things but he was very amused.

Our direction to them for the photo was to pose like we were all about to go into battle. Richard and Jim follows directions well. Traci is ready to kill Jim and Misha. Misha and Mark… well, something happened there that we did not witness. When the photo was done, Mark commented: “That was the most normal thing they’ve asked us to do all day!”

Mark and Misha were the last two panels of the day.

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Supernatural Vancouver Con

Supernatural VanCon 2010

“Will Travel For Geek”

That is probably the motto for this blog post you are about to read. If you are not aware, fellow Defectivegeeks blogger, Gizle, and I are both crazy about the television series, Supernatural. Which gave us the proper excuse to drop some money and fly out to Vancouver, Canada for the Salute to Supernatural convention, hosted by Creation Entertainment. Yes- our geek gave us an excuse to go on a vacation trip. We’re kind of awesome like that.

We went with our other friend, Christy, and reunited with a long time friend, Adri (who I saw last when I was living in Japan, mind you! She was also an excuse to go on this trip). Although the convention was on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we only dropped by the hotel on Friday to pick up our wristbands. At least, Gizle and I got our weekend pass wrist bands, and Christy and Adri couldn’t pick up their individual day bands.

We were definitely looking forward to geeking out together. I mean, how can you take it seriously? We traveled all the way to Canada just for a Supernatural convention, for goodness sakes. We had to have a little fun with it… and we really did! We walked away with the best souvenirs (our mad amazing photo ops,) and a lot of memories to laugh about. More details after the jump below this preview photo.

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SDCC 2010 / Supernatural

SDCC 2010 / Supernatural

I admit it, the first two days of Comic Con has been gearing up to the last day… the day of the Supernatural panel.

Yes, I did break my own rule of “AVOID CELEBRITY PANELS, KIDS!”

Supernatural is always going to be the exception to every rule on my book. Yes, go ahead and judge me– I know it’s a little bit sad.

At around a little after 6am, I woke up to Gizle’s text that she was on her way.

Along with a text from Cassie who was already inline for the panel (that does not start till 11:15am, by the way) to inform me that the line was already a million miles long. Apparently, people had been lining up since the night before. That’s pretty much equivalent to Twitard dedication. Eesh!

Before 8am, we were ready to go.

8:30am, Gizle and I were speeding our way to the convention center and made our way to the Ballroom 20 line. It was… HUGE.

9:30am, we were let into the room and got fairly decent seats. We sat through the Smallville panel, which was actually entertaining. I don’t really watch the series, but the fans’ enthusiasm was a lot of fun. I thought to myself: soon, I will be screaming just like these people.

10:45am, we have decided that since I am fast and wily, I would be in charge of getting up and finding better seats after the Smallville panel was over and people leave. It’s a pretty stressful tasks and I had a slight tummy ache worrying about it.

11am, I fought my way through the crowd and nabbed seats closer to the stage– so close that we could read their name placards on the table!

11:15am, cheering and screaming ensues. Hooray!

SDCC 2010 / Supernatural

SDCC 2010 / Supernatural

This is what fandom does to you, my friends. BEWARE! The panel was pretty amazing and was well worth all the work (and bruises). There were a lot of spoilers for the upcoming season 6, which the fandom has documented very well already. Check out the Supernatural Wiki for links that details everything what the writers and the actors shared during the panel.

Jensen, Jared, Jim and Misha were all charms and smiles throughout the whole hour. Although my favorite is Eric Kripke’s Swan Song (Season 5’s finale episode) story, in which he mentions being very proud of himself after the episode originally aired. Once he went on the internet and realized how much the fandom “hated” it, he confesses to a moment of “no one understands me.” Still, he seems to take this in stride and did not seem to blame the fans for it. It is obvious how much these guys do enjoy their fans and are grateful for their passion, whether it was good or bad.

Slightly embarrassed to say, but I was completely thrilled to see “the Boys” in person! Excuse my moment of fangirl, but man… Jensen is PUH-RETTY! We did not get to go to their signing because the autograph line was closed off at 10am (an hour before the panel… yes, I know, that doesn’t make sense but that’s Comic Con for you, I guess). Gizle and I managed to swim by the WB booth and caught a closer glimpse of them. Yup. Them sure are pretty boys.

SDCC 2010 / Supernatural

SDCC 2010 / Supernatural
Not sure why Jared handed his name card to Jensen....

At the very end of the panel, they showed the gag reel that will be included in the season 5 DVD boxset. It was beautiful and we were in tears from laughing. All I can say is: Confetti! It’s a PARAAADE!

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