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Warner Bros VIP Studio Tour: The Batman Exhibit

Warner Bros VIP Tour + Batman

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Batman, the Warner Bros VIP Tour‘s museum is currently dedicated to all things Batman movies. For one day, I became a tourist in my own city just to satisfy my geek urges. The tour itself is pretty fun, especially if you love the behind the scenes experience of movie and television. The exhibit itself mostly showcased costumes and props from the Christopher Nolan trilogy ┬ábut they added really cool pieces from the 80s and 90s movies as well. There is also a separate warehouse that showcased some of the Batmobiles.

Although, sadly, no Adam West’s Batman.

I recommend this to any local Batman fans . . . or if you happen to be visiting Los Angeles! It’s obnoxiously touristy but get a group of Batfans together in one tour and you’ll probably have tons of fun.

Check out more photos below.

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‘Cleopatra: The Exhibit’ at the California Science Center

Cleopatra: The Exhibit @ California Science Center

Cleopatra — she ruled the men who ruled the world

They called her the most famous woman in history. It’s true – most know her by name even if we don’t really know what she looks like. Despite all the movies and art created based on her assumed beauty and life, the truth about the last queen of Egypt remains a true mystery. When the Roman Empire demolished her empire, they destroyed her image and rewrote her history. They painted her as nothing but a seductress who used her charm to manipulate powerful men. That is only partly true.

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Spider Silk

Last Saturday, I made a trip to the Victoria and Albert museum. My first trip there! (Which is very negligent considering how long I’ve lived in England and near London, but hey ho).

I plan on making many return trips as the museum is huge and has an amazing collection.


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