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On October 10th, 2011 Gizzy B, Fortune Cookie, and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Joseph Gordon Levitt &’s Fall Formal 2011. is a website and production company that is dedicated to collaboration with all forms of art from film, animation and song.  This formal was a concert and film festival of everything they have been working on with appearances from Anne Hathaway, Neil Patrick Harris, Gary Oldman, Tasha Taylor and much more. It would take me seven blogs to talk about everything that happened that evening.  What I would like to tell you about is one of my favorite moments of the show, Tiny Stories.

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‘A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas in 3D’ Trailer is Here!

In the age of incessant sequels, prequels, and reboots, there is one sequel that I am very much looking forward to.

That, my friends, is A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas in 3D.

Yes. Kumar and Roldy are back, and this time they’re in a real pickle. Harold accidentally shoots Santa in the face, they accidentally burn down Harold’s father-in-law’s prized Christmas tree, and Neil Patrick Harris is causing shenanigans in Heaven. Yes, the return of NPH!