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“The Force, Fashioned,” a Star Wars Fashion Editorial Shoot

With all of the Star Wars hype surrounding every corner of the nerd world recently, ChubbyBunny Michelle and Yume Ninja teamed up with Mandie of Geeky Glamorous to create this fashion editorial shoot featuring original design created by Catherine Elhoffer of Elhoffer Designs.


Hit play on our Behind the Scenes video to see the epic glory of the snow capped mountains… and then a minute of footage of us falling all over the place. Whee! More photos and credits below!

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Defective Geeks at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2015!

We were super excited to be a part of the action at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo this past weekend with our friends at the Comic Bug!

The Comic Bug brought their community of talented creators to Comikaze with a “pavilion” which consisted of  long rows of tables at the artist alley featuring comic artists, writers and even the new geek dating app, Cuddli. We got to sit and hang out next to artists like Dave CroslandJim Mahfood, Richard Starkings, Rafael Navarro and many, many more.


To add to the fun, we created cards that let fans express what their feelings about geeks or fangirls are. We hoped to spark conversation and pride in being a geek girl, and people did not disappoint! Take a look at some of the empowering answers, artwork, and awesome cosplay we saw from the Comikaze con-goers.


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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Nerd Girls: The Rise of of the Dorkasaurus’

Nerd Girls: The Rise of the Dorkasaurus by Alan Lawrence Sitomer is a book written for pre-teens. For someone my age, I enjoyed the books for a lot of reasons and possibly related to the characters a little.

The story is about Maureen, a chubby, sarcastic and intelligent thirteen-year old girl. She’s quick witted and very self-aware, unlike most girls her age. She knows she’s kind of an outcast and a nerd. She is aware of her “place” in the grand scheme of middle school politics. Combined with her resentment towards her father leaving her family, she’s a pretty jaded little girl.

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