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Nerd HQ 2012, Dance Party

SDCC 2012

On Saturday night of San Diego Comic-con, Sailor Mizz, Gizzy B and Chubby Bunny and I all got to hang out and party for the last night of the convention. We ended up at Nerd HQ which was at a bigger venue this year with a giant bar, a stage and a dance floor all over the place! The dancing was important. Whenever Sailor Mizz and I drink, we always end up declaring: “We need to DANCE!”

Last year, I went to a couple of Nerd HQ’s special panels but I didn’t get a chance to this year… all the panels sold out so fast this time around. Sigh… the Doctor Who panel would have been amazing. I guess an awesome thing can’t be a “secret” forever. I’m happy that the event has gotten as much attention as they are getting now on just their second year. All the profit goes to charity because the founder, actor Zachary Levi, is surely that cool of a guy.

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