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Wrapping It Up in 2014: Year in Review


Defective Geeks has survived (kind of, sort of?) another year of random geek shenanigans and once again, I wanted to highlight some of our accomplishments. This year was a bit more mellow than 2013 was but we got to experiment with bringing new content to the website with the help of friends. I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by to read a blog, watch a video or simply stumbled upon a photo on a post that they really liked (I see those tweets go out!).

For the people who have always supported us, especially those who remind us all the time that we are loved… THANK YOU!

Now let’s get on with our year in review.

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GEEK LIFE: 2012, the Year of the Dragon

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. In my case in 2011, life has thrown me a giant ball that is as hard as the hardest of rocks. With spikes. More than once. I’m still trying to get out from under it actually.

In all seriousness, last year really was a rough year for me. I had to deal with the death of one of my best friend at the beginning of 2011. Lots of not so equally shitty things happened in between but they were still shitty anyways. Then my long-term boyfriend dumped me right before Christmas (jerk). So much fun, right? I pretty much started 2012 the same way I started 2011: DEPRESSED.

I have to say… it’s during the worst times of my life that my nerd side really proved to be most comforting. Geek passion helps heals, ladies and gentlemen.

New Years Eve 2011
Me on NYE 2011! Trying not to look so drunk.

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Ep. 43 A New Year with Harrison Ford

A new year, another year for the Lady Geeks to babble and giggle like the awkward nerds we are. This podcast presents to you the future of food printing and the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. Which is why we decided to answer the age-old question: Indiana Jones or Han Solo? Fanfic Theatre: Yoda and tequila.

A New Year Post

Yes, we all woke up this morning and it is the year 2011! We’ve finished the first decade of the millenium and survived. You go, human race, you didn’t manage to blow yourself up just yet. Let’s keep it up!

2010 was a hard year for many people, and personally, this last month for me was pretty rough. I went home to the Philippines because my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer on October. Unfortunately, a week after I arrived and a week before Christmas, he passed away. The holiday season was full of tears and heartbreak for my family. My grandparents raised me as a child and it felt like losing one of my more prominent father figure in my life. Rest in peace, Tatay, I will miss you everyday.

Manila Cityscape
Manila cityscape at night. Kind of pretty, right?

Filipinos deal with sad situations in a very simple way. First of all, we have a wicked sense of humor and do not find anything wrong with laughing despite during a devastating situation. Second of all, we eat a lot of food. My two week trip back to Manila didn’t have much room for sightseeing this time, but I can share some of the food we ate.

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