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Geek Girl Con 2011: Feminism, Race & Geek Culture Panel

On Saturday, I attended the “Feminism, Race & Geek Culture” at Geek Girl Con 2011. The Panelists were Nina V. Reyes, Christina Xu (Breadpig), Michele Hu and Regina Buenaobra (ArenaNet) as the moderator.

Geek Girl Con 2011

I am glad I went to this panel. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was rewarded with a great discussion with well-spoken women. They touched on quite a few interesting points about female and Asian culture in geek media. What I really appreciated about the way these women approached sensitive issues without having to be defensive or threatening to other people. They even gave great advice on how to deal with negative internet interactions. Despite having less than one hour to talk, I believe Reyes, Xu and Hu got a lot of great points across the table.

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