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Comic Book Review: Genecy #1

“An extremely feared and militaristic nation, proudly recognized as the Grunnod, has stolen freedom, joy and fortune from an entire galaxy. They are in search of an ancient artifact from a long, forgotten time. It is believed to unlock a door to an immense and immeasurable power. Many scholars, and others believed to be immortal, have died of old age trying to exhume it. This relic is believed to be hidden deep within the innards of a Grunnodian possessed world. A broken soul seeks revenge for what the cruel Grunnodians have done to his people. He escapes. And when a tortured victim finds power and purpose, the shacklers that face him sing a sad song.


The story starts off with a fierce and brutal rebellion by the Tanaanians against the oppressive Grunnods. In the destructive chaos only one man survives amongst the thousands, and that man is Kaizaxx. He is given a special weapon by fellow rebel Geshemah seconds before his own death. This mysterious weapon may be the very reason that the Grunnods had been enslaving the galaxy. This is the beginning of a difficult journey for Kaizaxx. He absorbs the power of this mysterious weapon before finding himself on a planet that he has only heard about in myth. The Dome of Raknirod. From here he battles otherworldly foes and is led to his destiny to become the powerful Genecy.

I read this comic twice before writing this review simply because I enjoyed it so much. Genecy is the kind of science fiction narrative that reminds me of the fantastical stories I read when I was a child. As the story begins the reader is already smack dab in the action of the rebellion, giving the story a nice and fresh start. As the tale continues many questions are raised about Kaizaxx, how the Tanaanian rebellion came to be, among Geshemah’s role in the retaliation. Not all of the questions are answered, but it in no way detracts from the story being told. It simply left me hungry for more.

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