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Geek Gal-entine’s 2015: Lady Friendship Love Returns!


This past Monday, we celebrated another Gal-entine’s Day┬áin Los Angeles with our fellow local lady geeks. Gal-entine’s is the celebration of female friendship started by Chubby Bunny and this is her fifth year hosting the event. What started as an excuse to dress up with a small group of our friends turned into a party that women look forward to. It’s really cool to see everyone get together and celebrate the fact that we’re girls.

See more photos below!

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Super*MARKET Nightmarket, the Holiday Edition

SUPER*MARKET Nightmarket!

We took the podcast to SUPER*MARKET again for a special, holiday edition at Meltdown Comics hosted by our friends at Bubble Punch. Super*Market the perfect place to shop for handmade and unique items and the timing was great for shopping for gifts. Christmas gifts. Holiday gifts. Gift gifts. Though I must confess, I only shopped for myself!

Check out our photos from the event below! By the way, Chubby Bunny borrowed my camera at some point while we were doing the podcast show — so more than half of these photos were taken by her with my camera!

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Santa Bites! The Sideshow Sirens

SANTA BITES! The Sideshow Sirens

During the Iron Fist SANTA BITES! party, the Sideshow Sirens did two fun performances — from walking on broken glasses, eating bugs to breaking out of chains and a straight jacket! It was a neat show to watch. I was particularly taken by the straight jacket/chain trick. There is an art to it and I wished I could learn how to do it too. If you ever have the chance to check out these ladies, do it. I love the feeling of “old school” sideshow feel mixed with a more modern and fashionable look.

Besides, who doesn’t want to watch hot girls do really freaky things on stage?

SANTA BITES! The Sideshow Sirens

Enjoy more photos below.

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