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Ep. 219 The Betrayal of 2015


Listen to why the Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy B has given up all hope in life and why there is no other choice but to weep a river of sad, fangirl tears. But in other news, we announced our first winner to the Ovaries Explosion Award of 2015! Fanfic Theatre: Pirate’s of the Caribbean x Godzilla.

BECOME THE PARTY WOLF: SDCC2014 List of Where to Get Crunk Like a Nerd Rock Star

There are three types of San Diego Comic Con attendees:

1. Pokemon Masters:  “I GOTTA CATCH ALL OF THE RARE POKEYMANS/LIMITED GOODS/ COLLECTIBLE ITEMS!!” You’ll see these fine folk lined up in the convention hall awaiting their preciousssss. They probably don’t talk in ALL CAPS but.. they’re THINKING IN ALL CAPS.

2. Die Hards (aka Bruce Willys): “I must attend all pertinent panels, meetings signings, and appearances of the show/series/comic/subculture that I am into. Otherwise, I CANNOT CALL MYSELF A TRUE FAN.”

3. Party Wolves: “Where. Da. Party. At.” Yeah, we sort of care about the other stuff, but mostly we wanna party with our nerdy selves.

Although we here at Defective Geeks are an equal mix of all of these types of nerdy personas, this post will focus on the most obscure of the three… LOS PARTY LOBOS EXTREMOS.

Comic Con is all about fandoms, but it’s also about getting to party with your best nerd pals, and hopefully scoring some free refreshment all while rubbing elbows with celebrities from the series/title/films/books you love. While the list below certainly isn’t comprehensive, it’s definitely refined down to the ones you can actually expect to get into with a wee bit of effort! Remember to pace yourselves, party animals. Thursday has the most parties, and Saturday the least, which means the chances of you maxing out and tossing cookies before the week really gets started are high! BEWARE THE PARTY FOUL. Party responsibly, and bring water with you EVERYWHERE.

And if you wanna know where WE are during the con, we will be all over social media shenanigans, party info, and embarrassing photos:



I'm super good at photoshop.
I’m super good at photoshop.

Party hardy list after the jump!

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Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

I was fortunate enough to win two tickets from Clothes on Film to a preview screening of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. The screening was at The Empire cinema in Leicester Square, London.


I’d never been to The Empire cinema, and boy was I impressed! The screen they showed the film in was HUGE. I think I could have fit my whole office block in twice, with room to spare. The photo really doesn’t do justice to how big it was.


Enough about how gigantic the theatre was. On to the review! HERE BE SPOILERS:


Pirates 4 follows Captain Jack Sparrow on his search for the Fountain of Youth. We’ve shed the sub plots of Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom, but kept a few of the other favourite faces. Gibbs the first mate returns as Jack’s foil, and Geoffrey Rush returns as Captain Barbosa. To replace the love story they brought in Penelope Cruz as Angelica and Ian McShane as Captain Blackbeard.

The film begins with Jack committing a usual crazy caper. I think they should rename the theme music of Pirates to “Jack does something clever”, since every time he does something crazy that works the music strikes up that familiar theme. But, I don’t mean that in a bad way, I still enjoyed seeing the clever and improbable ways Jack gets out of his situations.

We follow Jack from the opening scenes to an audience with King George and Captain Barbosa, who has gone pirate to privateer. Some further hijinks and we’re introduced to our female lead, Angelica. She and Jack have a lurid past, discussed briefly in a sword fight that was a little too similar to film one’s initial fight between Jack and Will, for my taste. I pity the stunt choreographer, there’s not much new you can do to top the last three films in terms of swordplay. Unless you add rhyming taunts like Monkey Island, but I digress… Continue reading