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Lovely Bouquet of Flowers: The Play


I’ve known Jaguar for almost five years since we worked in same office for almost that long. It’s funny (and awesome) to discover new things about the people you’ve known forever and I had never really realized that Jaguar was such an actor! Even though I knew he had a theater background from school. I’m possibly a really bad and clueless friend.

I was so excited for him when he told me that he wanted to audition for a play and then got even more excited when he told me he had become a part of the cast. I did not know much about a Lovely Bouquet of Flowers when I arrived at the theater but I walked out feeling inspired and thoughtful.

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Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland

Have you ever wondered when your prince will come?

You ponder each new romance, guy after guy, only to find one or two qualities that make you happy. Has Disney been telling you that a “knight in shining armor” will appear to replace that beastly boyfriend and then make everything in life okay? In her new play, “Princes Don’t Live in Cyberland”, writer/director Erika Jenko explores these ideologies that culminate with the realization of love eternal existing in life all around and in all forms.

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