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INTERVIEW: Feminist and Post-Apocalyptic Hero, Luciana Faulhaber

One of my favorite things about going to a convention is meeting new people. Last year while I was having a drink at the Wired Cafe during San Diego Comic Con I met a woman named Luciana Faulhaber. Luciana is an educated actor, writer, and producer who’s journey from Brazil to Los Angeles is like a movie itself. At the time we discussed the importance of female empowerment in the world and in the media, and how to this day it is still an issue that needs to be discussed. Needless to say, we hit it off. We’ve kept in touch since then, and now Luciana is working on a project that not only highlights this important issue, but to put it simply, sounds really cool!

In this interview Luciana talks about her journey from Brazil, to New York, to Los Angeles, her motivations for becoming an actor, female empowerment in front of and behind the camera, breaking gender stereotypes, and an upcoming post-apocalyptic project, Willow Creek. Not only is Luciana a thoughtful and intelligent artist, but definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Defective Geeks: What inspired you to become an actor and storyteller? 

Luciana Faulhaber: I’ve always done it for fun while growing up but I have to say I remember the exact moment I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life. I was watching Spring Awakening on Broadway with all original cast. I sat through it in that dark theatre and wept through most of it. But it felt ok because it was dark and it was really all about the show. But in reality my chest was tight and in my heart I just knew I had never felt that way and that’s what I wanted. So I started changing my own life.

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