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SDCC 2011, More Press Rooms: Supernatural

Just dialing it back a little and wrapping up more San Diego Comic Con 2011 blogs here. I guess I didn’t write about attending the Supernatural room for the LA Weekly website. By whatever miracle I managed to drag myself out of bed early that Sunday morning and made it in time to the press room at 9:30am.

SDCC 2011, Supernatural Press Room

In case you guys didn’t realize this yet– I’m a big ol’ Supernatural fangirl. Not in the scary way (I don’t think) but in the I LOVE THIS SHOW SO F***ING MUCH IT’S THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER IN MY LIFE kind of way. Well. I suppose that could be the ‘scary way’ too. Uh… yeah. Moving on.

My point is it was kind of a blessing that I was too exhausted by Sunday to freak out because normal me would have been crying in a corner from nervousness. Which almost happened the last two times we went to the Salute to Supernatural conventions. (See Supernatural Vancouver Con and Supernatural in LA, Day 2 posts).

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