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Ep. 191 Snow White: An Adventure


In this episode, we chat with Will Myers from Adventure-A-Week about Snow White: An Adventure and their Kickstarter campaign for it. We might also have gotten into little tangents about food, Mary Sue fanfics and Spider-man. Listen in to find out more about his upcoming project!


INTERVIEW: Adyana de la Torre of ‘Gymnos: A Geek’s Tragedy’

GymnosPoster_11x17-gold2 jpegI recently had the pleasure of interviewing actor, director, producer, and personal trainer Adyana de la Torre to promote her current project Gymnos: A Geek’s TragedyGymnos is a play currently showing at New York City’s HERE until October 6th, so if you’re on the East Coast make sure to check it out! In this interview Adyana talks about the play, what it’s like to combine her passions of fitness and performing, the process of being a director and an actor in the same project, and she lets her geek side out by talking about her favorite comic book movies.

It was so much fun chatting with Adyana. She has such a passion for what she does and listening to her talk about her work was a total delight. Check out the interview below for all the fun details!

What led you into your passion for fitness and for being a performer?

As far as fitness goes I was a dancer ever since I was a kid and right out of college, aside from teaching dance and drama, I started working at gyms. I was a sales rep then I worked at the juice bar and all of the facets at a gym. I loved working out and one of the nutritionists who worked at the gym said, “You’re really good with people and I know you love working out, so you might as well become a trainer.” So I did! I got my certification, I started teaching classes, and so I’ve been a trainer and a fitness instructor for about ten years now. As far as performing, I went to college for musical theater and I’ve always sort of known that it was in me and that it would be an intregal part of my life. I’ve been directing and producing shows with a theater company up here in New York for almost two years now. I’ve been around it all of my life.

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Nerd Quilt

Nerd Quilt photo 1269498_10151866863407110_623889466_o.jpg

I finally completed one of the longest standing projects in my WIP sewing closet. It’s a messy closet full of ‘That seems like a great idea! I will totally do that’ projects.

This one is rather near and dear to my heart because it’s full of memories! I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of nerdy t-shirts that I love. Funny sayings, cool logos, awesome art work, TONS of them. I am loathe to get rid of them once they are past the point of wearing in polite company (yes, I have some standards. They are not high, but they are there). But what to do with them?

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Ep. 116 Hollow Ship


We spoke to Curtis Fortier and Helen McElwain — and Stephanie Sheh also joined us for a few minutes in the beginning! — about their upcoming comedy sci-fi webseries, Hollow Ship. Curtis and Helen joined forces to bring you a unique spin on a sitcom that takes place in a science fiction world. They spoke to us about what inspired the idea and the characters, plus what it took to get this project off the floor. Still, they need your help so please check out their Kickstarter page and donate or help spread the word!