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Ep. 63 Kristen Stewart Episode

A surprise livestream episode! Hooray for awkward livstreaming with the Space Pirate Queen, Fortune Cookie and Wicked Phoenix. We discuss a bunch of random things due to SPQ’s lack of sleep such as E3, Spoilers, Prometheus… and Kristen Stewart.

Ep. 40 Vampires Munching

In this episode, we have two new guest hosts: Crystal and Lauren! Since the Space Pirate Queen and Fortune Cookie felt lonely without Gizzy B. We get to know our guests and ramble on about the usual things. Like Transformers, Supernatural, creepy, immortal babies from Twilight, and Edward munching on Bella’s leg like it’s chicken.

Sci-Fi Clashes

Don’t get me wrong, I love Battlestar Galactica as much as the next geek, but don’t you guys notice how much the show is just a culmination of all kinds of apocalypse movies and stories that were soooooooo done before?

For example, I am currently watching Titan A.E.… anyone remember that movie? It’s animated and it’s seriously a big time favorite of mine. It’s really good, guys. Watch it if you haven’t. The story starts just like Battlestar Galactica with the whole blowing up the Earth deal.

A lot of the Drej qualities has been adopted by the Cylons too.

I just find it really interesting. Another movie that Battlestar Galactica could be compared to is Bladerunner.

I love the series, but I find is pretty un-original… but very entertaining. I’m simple. All I need is entertainment!