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Ep. 158 Oscar Non-Predictions


The Lady Geeks talk about eating for paid webcam shows, Jon Hamm as Doctor Strange and introduces a new segment called ‘Weird Crushes.’ Then, we get into a lackluster discussion on the Oscar nominations of movies we haven’t seen because it has been a slow news day.

A Response to ‘Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns’

I recently read an article entitled ‘Why Good Girls Have Become Unicorns‘ by a person named Preston Waters. In essence the article is about how it is very difficult for men to find a decent self respecting woman these days. Why, you ask? According to Preston women have devolved. We have devolved because in an attempt to adapt to modern times and seem attractive and desirable to men we have become over sexualized and overexposed. We are attempting to look and act like a ‘smut’ because, poor us, we believe that is what men want. Since this has happened there are no longer any of what Preston considers ‘good girls’. Below is my response to Preston’s theory about modern women.

 Dear Preston Waters,

There are many things about your article that I find offensive, but for the sake of brevity I’ll focus on one aspect: Men are not the sole motivation and purpose for the actions of women. Shocking, I know. Sometimes we like to dress and act a certain way because we are human beings with individual personalities. Our lives do not revolve around pleasing you. My attitude, my interests, my choice of clothing, my sexuality, and overall lifestyle exists because I enjoy it, not because it comes with the ulterior motive of seeming attractive to you. You portray us as these weak tragic beings that have devolved because we’re trying to find new ways to be desirable to you. You almost feel sorry for us and that in itself is insulting. Women are just people. We are not extensions of men. We are people that can have organic motivations that have nothing to do with trying to be desirable to you. Your article is the epitome of narcissism because you believe that everything we do is with the intent of being what  you find desirable.

You complain that women are now like men. We have lots of non-monogamous sex, we go out drinking and have a damn good time, we are not ashamed to act like fools in public, and we are no longer good girls. We drink, we have sex, and we dress and act however we damn please. I think what you’re afraid of isn’t necessarily that there aren’t anymore ‘good girls’ in the world. What you’re really afraid of is that women no longer defer to men. You want to believe that our current behavior has everything to do with you when really it is the exact opposite. Like men have done for the majority of western civilization, we women are finally doing what we want and that frightens you.

To you a ‘good girl’ is a girl who defers to men and has no agency of her own. All of her actions and motivations have everything to do with pleasing her future husband. All of her behavior will be based upon the desires of a man and being an extension of his needs. Since that is the case I hope to high heaven that for the rest of human civilization there are never any other good girls on this planet ever again.

A Very Proud Bad Girl

Ep. 104 Dracoons and Robins

In this episode, the Lady Geeks discuss Russian bears who get high and the Space Pirate Queen struggles with reading out loud Russian names. They also rant about how annoying people are on Facebook nowadays. Plus, some “spoiler alert” talks on Damian Wayne. Fanfic Theater: Harry Potter.

“Supernatural” Review: Season Seven, Time for a– WTF did I just watch?!

“Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” is officially the worst Supernatural episode to ever air.

Yes, even worse than “Swap Meat” (5.12).

It’s unfortunate that my first Supernatural episode review for DefectiveGeeks happens to be a negative one. The truth is, season seven has been amazing so far. I had dismal expectations after the trainwreck of season six, but the premiere knocked me off my feet and pretty much every episode following that has been great. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched “Hello, Cruel World” (7.02), and the continuity has been making me so incredibly happy. The show finally has a sense of history again, with all its references to early seasons.

I had already been bracing myself for another cringe-worthy foray into ~meta~ (sarcastic tildes required) when the title of the episode was released. “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” — I could practically hear the writers high-fiving themselves from here.

But while all the other ~meta~ episodes have been self-congratulatory, unfunny, awkward, and only mildly insulting, this one went ahead and obliterated any lines left to cross. At best, it was an extremely uncomfortable and ultimately pointless episode; at worst, it was offensive, harmful, and demeaning.

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Ep. 13 Nancy Asks What’s An Apple Box?

Nancy aka Pilbeam joins our discussion this week and contributes to teasing Gizzy- I mean, contributes to our topics at hand. We discuss the sad demise of the Wonder Woman television series, lady geek problems and Gizzy’s future rise to stardom. Apologies if we made less sense this week- we recorded in the ‘early’ morning.

Ep. 11 Xena, Buffy, Donna Noble-Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!

Our Lady DefectiveGeekers talk about other ladies they love–(oooh, lady lovin’…!) Space Pirate Queen is a little slow from the SoCal heat but they do manage to delve into the upcoming summer flicks, The Rock, Xena and Buffy. Warning, there’s a little religious rant but no one gets offended by that kind of stuff anymore, right?! Thank you to Jason aka Taglebot for our new theme song!

FFXIII & Goddammit, Amazon

The new Final Fantasy game dropped today– Final Fantasy XIII, and about 90% of my friends have already bought it and have started playing it, I’m pretty sure. I actually played a demo while I was in Hong Kong during December (where they are releasing a special FFXIII Playstation 3 to go along with it!) and it was pretty, damn cool.

To be honest, I’m the worst gamer that I know and I love starting RPGs… but my attention span never lets me finish a game. Ever. Plus, I suck, sooooooo………….

I don’t really mind investing in cool games though, because whether I finish it or not, I still have fun and that is what’s important to me when it comes to video games.

I will probably end up buying this game

On a side rant, so I pre-ordered Avatar: The Last Airbender artbook on, along with the fourth season DVD set of Supernatural in order to get their Free Shipping option, right? Today, they canceled  my artbook order because they sold out… and they charged me shipping on the DVD that went along with it! What is that crap? Shouldn’t it be customer courtesy to just give me the free shipping anyways, since now I am not getting the artbook? I call bullshit!

You disappoint me,…. disappoint me.

San Diego Celebrity-Con— I mean, Comic Con!

I present to everyone a rant about SDCC before I start posting my happy report and photos…

San Diego Comic Con has turned into a marathon of how many celebrities can be spotted– kind of sad. Especially when you see the separation in the Exhibit Hall; the “movie side” is always hella crowded and the “comic book” side is never as crowded. But the convention has gotten stupider like that each year, so I didn’t expect any less from its star-struck attendees. Besides, I’m guilty of getting excited over John Cho and Dominic Monaghan myself…

… Though less appreciative of Robert Downey Jr’s Elite bodyguards shoving me out of the way. What a bunch of dicks. This always seems to happen to me at this con. I am unsuspectingly in the way of some A-list celeb I could give a shit about harassing in person, so I get manhandled. One of these days, I’m going to kick someone in the nuts for it.

And then don’t get me started on the ridiculous lines for the panels. It’s getting really stupid, guys, and someone needs to start using their noggin’ to find a solution for it. Trust me, it’s not that hard to solve the problem. People should not be standing in line for 2-3 hours and then only to not be guaranteed a seat to a panel they want to see. We aren’t paying for these badges, taking time off from work, and spending hundreds on hotel/food/etc. to waste away in the sun while standing in line.

To think… they plan to raise the badge prices next year too. Thank goodness I get in as a pro!