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Ep. 66 Geek Shore

We apologize in advance because the Space Pirate Queen and Sailor Mizz end up gushing about the Jersey Shore for 20 minutes in this episode. Then we actually talk about San Diego Comic-con for a little bit. Nerds, parties and booze… bring it on! Fanfic Theater: Sailor Moon.

Project Runway: Top 5 Moments and Bitchy Observations of the Week

Every Thursday I get together with my girls and we spend an evening eating local cuisine (aka borderline fast food) and watching Season 9 of Project Runway on Lifetime.  We aren’t fashion designers but just like with any other trade, you don’t need to be neck-deep in it to know how to bitch about it.

And this week we had plenty to bitch about because this week’s challenge was so ridiculously stupid.


This week’s challenge is to design clothing for professional  stiltwalkers.   The runway show for this episode was held in Battery Park –the first runway show to be held outside.

The designers were put into teams of two and were given a budget of $500 and one day to complete their garments. Ouch.

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Ep. 15 Superman Can’t Get High

Our Lady DefectiveGeeks ponders if smoking pot or anti-depressants would have any effects on Superman- but first, they discuss the finer science of girl shopping (sorry boys!), why it’s okay to kick ass in skimpy clothing and Gizzy reveals her favorite reality show. Meanwhile, Space Pirate Queen finds joy in watching grown men cry on television.

Featured SponSIRs: Jellyfielders Podcast and Wikicast Podcast – both are funny people from England, give them a listen!