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Ep. 263 Five Years of Comikaze with Regina Carpinelli


We can’t anticipate Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo without recording a podcast with Regina (our queen). Listen as she reveals this year’s guests at the convention — from Jim Lee to Carrie Fisher. That’s right, Princess Leia herself will be hanging out with all of us during Halloween, so we hope to see you there!

Ep. 207 Regina Carpinelli, the Return of the Queen


With Comikaze Expo a mere two weeks away, Regina comes back to the podcast — as it is tradition — to talk about My Little Ponies, our childhood shows, and the amazing line up for the convention. Join us as we pretty much just shoot some shiznits for the night and we look forward to hanging out with you on Halloween weekend at the LA Convention Center!

Ep. 133 Regina Carpinelli, We Heart You


Join us as we celebrate our third anniversary with Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo’s CEO, Regina Carpinelli! This show was recorded with a lot of love and more red wine as we discuss the upcoming Comikaze Expo in November and Regina’s SyFy show, Fangasm. This episode is an explosion of geek talk from Sharknado to comic books to Sailormoon.

Ep. 74 Regina Carpinelli Returns!

Our friend, Regina, returns to the podcast to make more awesome Comikaze Expo 2012 announcements! Listen to the show for exclusive news, gushing over how great Stan Lee is and hear us rave about Jolibee all over again.

Ep. 49 Regina Carpinelli

Regina Carpinelli is our Lady Geek guest and she gives us all the exclusive announcements on Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo as presented by POW Entertainment and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. We got all the exciting news first because we have a special love connection with Regina. It’s true. Plus, we go really deep when it comes to My Little Ponies… really deep.

Regina Carpinelli: Our Fearless Comikaze Queen

There’s been a lot of buzz in the nerd community about Los Angeles’ newest and most kick-ass comic book convention, Comikaze Expo. The woman behind the legend is Regina Carpinelli, a real life Wonder Woman and she has been working non-stop (seriously… non-stop) to make this convention mind-blowing-ly awesome.

Bow down to the queen, bitches!

I started talking to Regina by chance when they contacted Defective Geeks because they picked up one of our cards from Fortune Cookie’s artist alley table at Anime Expo. Right away she embraced our team and our blog like we were old pals and we met her in person at San Diego Comic Con this year. She has kept us involved with Comikaze ever since and we love her for it. Can I just gush for a moment and say what a funny and energetic lady geek she is?

Comikaze Expo is going to have an epic first year and we think you better be there with us. You bet Team Defective Geeks will be representing. For now, get to know Regina a little better and read our interview with her.

— — —

How did you come up with the name of the convention? What’s the story behind the octopus logo? Do you wish you could have a real, giant octopus as a mascot during the convention?

CARPINELLI: We chose the name “Comikaze” for a few reasons. We feel that there is only ONE “Comic-Con” and it lives in San Diego. A lot of other shows use the name Comic-Con to ride the coattails of San Diego’s success, but they are in no way affiliated. We have a lot of respect for SDCC, but we wanted to create something unique; we are our own brand. The name Comikaze makes perfect sense, since we planned on doing a full on LA Invasion. We pretty much “Kamikaze’d” the geek world – we just came out of the blue!

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