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Lady Geek Spotlight: Regina McMenomy, ‘My Life as a Geek’

Regina is a writer, a podcaster and a gamer and runs a blog over at She encourages intelligent and fun conversations about video games on her website and podcast — so if you’re a gamer (girl or boy!), you should check her out. Read her guest blog for us below to get an idea of her journey into the academic world as a Lady Geek.

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I am not sure when I was first called a geek. It was probably when I was pretty young. I had my glasses, my books, and my video games, each something that defines me as a geek.

One of the most important aspects of geek culture and of defining myself as a geek is that it allows me a certain amount of freedom that other titles don’t allow. I can enthusiastically love the things I love, without shame or questioning. Even when I was younger and realized how different I was from many around me, constantly choosing the fantasy worlds books offered me over mindless TV watching, I knew who I was and was comfortable with that. I knew I was different and I didn’t care. That’s a pretty powerful thing.

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