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Ep. 196 Clam Down!


The Space Pirate Queen admits that she watched AND enjoyed the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and is now officially going to get kicked out of Nerd-dom. We also discuss the relationship between news and media — plus Pilbeam’s first time at a Ren Faire! Fanfic Theatre: Fast and Furious x Twilight.

Renaissance Faire, Faires, Pirates and Mead

Renaissance Faire 2012

A sunny, Southern California day with heat in the 90 degrees Farenheit weather seemed like a good day to spend a day at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Despite the slight sunburns and sweating profusely all day, Gizzy B, Sailor Mizz and I all had a blast. We ate and drank expensive beer and even made an effort to dress up. I was a space fairy from the future… good thing the theme that day was Time Travel. We ran into tons of friends and got to watch the Dread Crew of Oddwood perform. Those pirates are pretty drunken and a bit naughty.

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