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Thoughts From A Nerd: A Response To ‘Masking Reality’

I was in the middle of writing a post about my adventures at San Diego Comic Con when my friend Dianne turned my attention to this video:

Before I continue with those posts I must address this video. I have gotten a lot of grief for being a nerd in my life, but never have I come across someone who so condescendingly vilified a group of people and their passions as Kristine Frazao from RTAmerica.

In this video Ms. Frazao simultaneously insults comics, among others mediums, as a form of art and expression along with criticizing the mentality of the people who attend this convention. She constantly refers to the attendees such as myself as not living in the “real world” and spending exorbitant amounts of money on something that could be put to better use. In the video she addresses the large number of homeless in the San Diego area and comments on how Comic Con attendees should instead be using their travel money to fly to Washington DC to protest.

The caption during the entire report reads: “Comic Con Groupies Escape Reality And Leave Others To Save Dark Economy.”


Where do I begin with this response?

“Couldn’t that energy be put to better use, say fighting in the real world to save the US economy?” 

First I’ll start with the economic aspects of this report. So, we nerds are leaving others to save the dark economy by escaping reality at Comic Con. We are criticized for spending exorbitant amounts of money on something we care about when we should be spending it on protesting in DC.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but as the lovely cosplayer Victoria Schmidt pointed out, a lot of the revenue made in downtown San Diego businesses come from people who are in the area for Comic Con. By spending money at local AMERICAN OWNED businesses, are we not supporting the economy?  Also, one of the reasons we are forced to spend so much money on a hotel is because a little thing called “supply and demand.” Supply and demand refers to the prices of a coveted item increasing because of its popularity. If anything, by spending more money on a hotel, we are contributing more money to the economy.

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