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Fanart GLEE: Gundam Wing



Fanart by prodigybombay @ deviantart

Riding on a bit of an anime nostalgia train at the moment and how do I forget one of my first weeaboo awakening? Gundam Wing.

Sure, just like any other Asian girl who grew up with Sailor Moon, anime has always been a part of my life. It wasn’t until I fell into the deep, fandom hole of Gundam Wing that I discovered there is a level of love for anime that I’ve never explored before. Slash fiction? Pining for supposedly 15-year old boys who pilot war-rigged mecha robots? Fangirling with no concept of shame? Sign me up.

This edition of Fanart GLEE is dedicated to the five boys who defined what “doki doki” meant to me.

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Fanart Glee: Pacific Rim, Jaeger Party


Gorgeous painting by GriveArt.

No one was flailing as much as I was in the theater while watching Pacific Rim. No one.¬†That said, when pondering what my next round of Fanart Glee post should be about, I realized — duh, I bet there’s some amazing Pacific Rim fanart on Tumblr these days! Check out the ones I collected after the jump.

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A Very Jenny Birthday: Space + Time Travel + Robots + Dinosaurs

Jenny’s birthday celebration was so awesome that it had four different themes that were melded together into one explosive party: space, time travel, robots and dinosaurs! I love that there is always a themed party guarantee when it comes to the people I know in Los Angeles. We all want an excuse to get dressed up as robots or dinosaurs or as robot-dinosaurs.

Wall-E was also at the party and he was dancing on the dance floor for a little bit. I almost cried from pure joy… who would have thought I would be at a party with Wall-E?!

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