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Ep. 243 Perfection Furiousa


Many segments make a return this week, including Spider News (eight-legged hugs and kisses!), Weird Crush and the Ovaries Explosion Awards which were awarded to the Canadian Ryans. This episode is also dedicated to the Imperator Furiousa who we hope will rule us all during the apocalypse.

Ep. 27 Our Overlord the Mouse

The Lady Defectivegeeks only wishes that they can kill more Nazis with their bare hands like their new hero, Nancy Wake (rest in peace). We touch on the Disney and Marvel relationship and Ryan Gosling, defender of all hipsters. The Space Pirate Queen doesn’t like January Jones but we really like Kevin Smith and his new movie, Red State. You should go watch it… or we won’t like you anymore. Fortune Cookie chooses this episode’s Fanfic Theater!