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Ep. 243 Perfection Furiousa


Many segments make a return this week, including Spider News (eight-legged hugs and kisses!), Weird Crush and the Ovaries Explosion Awards which were awarded to the Canadian Ryans. This episode is also dedicated to the Imperator Furiousa who we hope will rule us all during the apocalypse.

Green Lantern Movie Website, Take the Infinite Oath

The marketing campaign for The Green Lantern movie coming out on June 17 may not be as deep and poignant as The Dark Knight Rises (make sure to check out our Bat-correspondent, Gizzy’s blogs on Bat-updates!)- but getting involved with The Green Lantern’s website is pretty cool!

My friend, Ryan, asked us to contribute videos for the Green Lantern’s ‘Take the Oath’ campaign on the Warner Brother’s official movie website. You can check out the finished product here: Green Lantern, Take the Infinite Oath. I believe you can still submit videos reciting the oath if you want to. We can all be on the same website as RYAN REYNOLDS!

Can you find my video on the wall?

Seemed so simple but I did a bajillion takes of this tiny 15 second clip before I was satisfied. There are tons of adorable people in the video wall, by the way… but there are also some that are somewhat creepy! Well, people got creative I guess. It takes awhile for the website to load though and, well… all right, for those of you who doesn’t have time to wait, here’s the youtube video of mine. Don’t laugh too hard at my dorkiness! (My make-up is from Sugar Pill.)

In brightest day, In blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil might,

Beware my powers,