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Ep. 265 Bon Voyage, Fortune Cookie!


We send off Valerie on her upcoming trip with tales from Reddit’s /NoSleep subreddit, but we also comfort her with the love of spiders from SPACE! Be warned, if you’re easily spooked, we do read off a couple of scary stories in this episode. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Ep. 79 Butt Spiders and Slender Man

The first of our Halloween series this month, the Lady Geeks share urban legends old and new, from spiders and ghosts in toilets, Japanese myths and Slender Man. If you get creeped out easily, probably best to avoid this episode.

Ep. 35 BOO! Halloween!

Sailor Mizz joins us for her very first podcast, hooray! We get to know her and her geekstory for the first half of this podcast. The other half is Halloween centric because it’s our favorite holiday. We tell real ghost stories, paranormal experiences, sleep paralysis and just good ol’ spooky shit. WARNING: If you’re easily freaked out, you might want to skip those parts.