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Final Fantasy XV: A World of Experience

Sure, a game is a game, but if you’re dealing with the Final Fantasy franchise, why not make it a muti media experience that you can live and love through spinoff mini games, movies, anime, and music? Let’s do ALL THE THINGS!

Square Enix hosted an elaborate announcement event in Los Angeles yesterday, “UNCOVERED: Final Fantasy XV,” which was chock full of 14 (!!!) announcements around the franchise.

So let’s see where this leaves our little fandom hearts, shall we?

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Ep. 17 Sean Bean and His Manly Points

The Lady DefectiveGeeks go into a deep discussion about the relevance of movie studios marketing at San Diego Comic Con and the exclusion of women in today’s comedy genre. The Space Pirate Queen and Gizzy both enjoyed the movie, Super 8, but the most important lesson we learned is don’t f**k with Sean Bean. He has many manly points.

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