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Ep. 5 Fetal Position Adulting



In this episode James and Giselle highlight three episodes of ‘Black Mirror’; ‘San Junipero’, ‘U.S.S. Callister’, and ‘Hang the DJ’. They discuss the strengths of these episodes, their relevance to today’s world, and why even when there is a “happy” ending in a ‘Black Mirror’ episode it still makes them want to rock back and forth and cry in a fetal position.

Ep. 136 The Parker, the Ultimate Supervillain


In this week’s episode, Gizzy B confesses her short but tumultuous relationship with Candy Crush Saga. The Lady Geeks also discuss ┬áthe ‘boys’ club’ of the comic book industry and video game industry — all while trying to figure out how to win Batman’s heart. Fanfic Theater: Attack on Titan x FREE!