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Ep. 135 Water-Something Shot


While the Southern California girls melt in the heat, Pilbeam introduces her new segment – ‘What, what!’  — where she talks about facts about England that we might find surprising or confusing. This heat delirious conversations goes into drunk Valerie, inappropriate ghost touching, scrunchies and Heroes of Cosplay. Fanfic Theater: Star Wars.

DIY Geek Shoes, I Want To Make ‘Em

These geeky DIY (Do-It-Yourself) shoes started showing up on my Pinterest page and I thought they were pretty rad. I would love to make some myself but I know I’m too much of a lazy  bastard to even get around to it. Still, I decided to use the power of Google search and comply a list of tutorials of these fashionably, nerdy shoes.

I love these Batman flats! You can find the how-to instructions on this website: Cut Out and Keep. As well as photos of other people’s shoes inspired by this tutorial. Honestly, it’s probably not too hard to make a pair since all you need are scissors and mod podge. The only real challenge is the ability to smooth out the imagery properly on the shoe.

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THE FUTURE: Nike Air Mag

If you follow me on twitter or facebook and was awake at around midnight last night, you probably witnessed me freak out over this Gizmodo article: Is Nike Finally Releasing the Shoes Marty McFly Wore in Back to the Future?

Photo taken from

I am floored. Thrilled. THRILLED.

I was so excited that I was on the verge of either crying or throwing up. Or both.

Nothing has been ‘officially’ confirmed yet and apparently there is a party going on tonight to an “unveiling”… why was I not invited to this party?!

Check out the teaser video below. UPDATED! Video from below with a better look at the shoes!

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