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GEEK LIFE: Hobbits and Slumber Parties

When my friends and I became “adults” (aka, we were all of legal drinking age in the US), our idea of fun certainly evolved. We are out and about in Los Angeles, spending the little hard earned money we have at local businesses. Getting our foodie on. Getting our booze on. Getting our dancing on. Getting our Disneyland on. Getting our party on. It was much different during high school when we spent a lot of time at each other’s houses. We were girls… slumber parties was a big thing, okay.

Our slumber parties were different though. It wasn’t dominated by “boy talk” (though it did exist) or make up or doing each other’s hair. At least this is the impression I got from normal slumber parties as seen in movies and television. We would generally stuff our faces with delicious food and watch our favorite movies. It was fun and it was how we all bonded. We never got to go to those mythical high school parties. You know, the kind in movies when some kid’s parents are out of town so they throw a party full of alcohol and the whole town shows up. Seriously. Did those really happen? I was never quite sure. I guess I am that big of a nerd, after all.

Yes, we were giant dorks. Yes, we're still giant dorks.

Then life happened and we all found our own things. We all became busy going to different parties, socializing and possibly getting shit faced. That’s all part of growing up, right? We go through those years when we do all the things our parents told us to not do.

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