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SoCal Cosplay Gathering 2010

SoCal Cosplay Gathering 2010

SoCal Cosplay Gathering put together yet another extremely successful and fun-filled cosplay event this past Saturday. The new location properly accommodated the large group of attendees (all 400+!). I love having cosplay as an outdoor, open-space party! It really makes a HUGE difference at enjoying yourself in costume at a roomy park– as oppose to having to breathe on one another inside a crowded convention center. This is probably the one cosplay gathering I’ll attend on a semi-regular basis. It is fun cosplay without all the con stress– I highly recommend it!

SoCal Cosplay Gathering 2010 SoCal Cosplay Gathering 2010

Besides, I do love the people that are running it– Brittany, your hard work is amazing. I can’t even imagine how much you set aside to organize the whole thing with your crew! Congratulations, once again, on a big success!

The highlight? Besides torturing the whole park with my rendition of Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance on vocals on Rock Band? (I would love to see the photos that were taken of that, by the way, photogs!) IRON COSPLAY! A parody of Iron Chef, except with fabric, cardboard, and other shiny materials. Brilliant and hilarious idea.

SoCal Cosplay Gathering 2010 SoCal Cosplay Gathering 2010

Tips for next year – although the event does provide water, they did run out by around 4pm. Bring your own drinks, because it does get a little bit hot (especially in costume) and you’ll need to keep yourself dehydrated. Otherwise, the combination of sun, activities, and lack of water will leave you exhausted. It took me the whole weekend to recover; but then again, I am an old lady! Also, there is not much variety in the food provided. If you’re a non-meat/dairy eater, you may want to put into the suggestion box that some fruit and veggie platter be provided. I think I’m bringing potato chips next time, personally.

Here ere are the few photos I took in a slideshow:

CLICK HERE for the direct link to the flickr gallery!

Check my last post for my Street Fighter cosplay photoshoot from the gathering!

Going ons, going ons!

The SoCal Cosplay Gathering is happening this Saturday, May 9, in Irvine, California! The event is put together by some wonderful people who will make sure you will have fun hanging out in a park in your costumes!

If you love fun and cosplay, this is definitely the event for you to go this weekend. For $10, you get food, friends, games, and cosplay. That’s better than any ol’ convention can offer.

I am not a big part of the scene anymore, so I am not sure if I will go myself– but I have no problem pimping this event to the world because it’s pretty awesome. If I do end up going, see you there!

Otherwise, nothing else going on in my local geekery realm. I haven’t seen the new Wolverine movie yet. I want to see it for Dominic Monaghan; but I still hate the choice they made for Gambit. That actor does not do him justice. Yes. I am totally judging him before I even see the movie like a giant, fat jerk-face. Sorry, dude, but when it comes to Gambit… I’m not messing around.

I’ve never been a Trekkie and I’m barely familiar with the Star Trek universe, but… seriously looking forward to the new movie. It just looks damn cool!!! The cast looks very promising– and it’s not George Lucas directing! (Ohhhh… so went there!)

Not so sure when I’ll get the chance to see these movies though. I tend to drive solo in movie theaters these days, but the hard part is finding the time to be a movie-goer-loner.

Whoops, have to deal with some work “crisis”(-es?). Will possibly blog more later!