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Ep. 315 We Are Christmas Cakes


Fortune Cookie’s Fandom Word of the Day explains our state of being… and we are taking back the Christmas Cake. This episode also has Spider News and two Lady Geeks freaking out over the new Fast and Furious movie trailer. Fanfic Theatre: Star Trek.

Ep. 281 Post-Apocalyptic White People


The Lady Geeks are delighted that Mad Max: Fury Road was bestowed many awards by the Academy this year but it doesn’t excuse the show from… many things. Listen in for amazing Spider News tears from Fortune Cookie. Fanfic Theatre: Rugrats.


Ep. 265 Bon Voyage, Fortune Cookie!


We send off Valerie on her upcoming trip with tales from Reddit’s /NoSleep subreddit, but we also comfort her with the love of spiders from SPACE! Be warned, if you’re easily spooked, we do read off a couple of scary stories in this episode. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Ep. 256 Horny Spiders Love Valerie


For some reason we thought this was episode 235…. Anyway! In this episode the girls terrorize Valerie with more epic Spider News, we learn a new Fandom Word of the Day, and the girls discuss the article “The Problem with Cosplay Look-a-likes.” Also, some epic nerd rage over the fact that ‘The Last Airbender’ movie is getting a sequel…