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Geek Girl Con 2011: Women Running Geeky Businesses

The ‘Women Running Geeky Businesses’ panel was literally the last thing I did at the convention. Unfortunately, I had to book it out of the con before 3pm and catch my flight back to L.A. I wanted to check out this panel to pick up some tips from women who knew what they were doing, personal business-wise. The women on the panel were Megan Gaiser (Her Interactive), Jenn Fujikawa (JustJENNDesign), Stephanie Ogle (Cinema Books), Chrystal Doucette (Digital Soaps), Jo Jo Stiletto (Jo Jo Stiletto Events) and Erica McGillivray (Geek Girl Con’s CEO) as moderator.

Geek Girl Con 2011

I am not a business-minded woman. I’m kind of all over the place and it’s a little bit of a miracle I’ve managed to actually get Defective Geeks up and running for as long as it has (almost five years!). Of course, with the help of my close friends, things have picked up around here. Still, if you ask me if I’ll ever figure out a way to monetize Defective Geeks, I will probably slowly sink to the floor.

I admire anyone who are smart enough to be able to turn their own passion and interests into a self-sustaining career… but it’s just that much more cool to have these geek girls talk about their own success. It was also a unique panel where the audience heard different success stories from women of all ages and very different career and life choices.

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